96 Interior: Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022, Top Business Services and Quality Award 2021/2022 & Top 50 Interior Design Award 2021/2022

96 interior
96 interior

Moving into a new house signifies the start of a new chapter in your life. But as exciting as it can be, the process of renovating your house to suit your fancy can often be laborious and exhausting. Interior design company 96 Interior strives to make the whole process as seamless as possible for all their customers – whether it be the design and space planning stage or the renovations process, the company serves as a one-stop solution to bring to life the house of your dreams.

The minds behind the company brought over 20 years of experience in the industry to the venture. They started 96 Interior to focus on a different market, one that is willing to pay for the luxury and elegance of their most stylish interior designs.

Armed with a team of ten or so inhouse designers and renovators, the company seeks to create lavish homes inspired by the best of modern interior design, recalling the sleek and uncluttered aesthetic that is now widely popular today while retaining an emphasis on comfort and functionality. And in keeping with the trends, many of their recent creations have been inspired by the Scandinavian style, along with edgy, black modern designs. Not one to shy away from speaking about their influences, the company have also noted that social media, particularly images shared on Pinterest, is another source of inspiration. Once the company has fully envisioned a living space in vivid detail – customers can see the full extent of this with digital 3D renditions of the desired concept – the entire renovation process will be handled by the company as well. This comprehensiveness ensures the customer receives all the help they need from one source.

The journey of bringing 96 Interior to where it is today was made considerably easier by the valuable experience gained from the founders’ vast experience. Beyond the industry know-how, many of the core values crucial to their initial triumphs has been carried over to 96 Interior.

Teamwork, a clear direction, and proactiveness are the three values mentioned by the company that are absolutely imperative to their operations. Their tight-knit group of workers – which they are looking to expand to a team of 20 or 30 in the future – are customer-focused and service-oriented, placing them in line with the comprehensiveness the company strives to provide. Positivity is also a trait the company looks out for, along with a willingness to learn.

Since the visual beauty of their designs is one of, if not the biggest draw for any interior design company, the natural thing to do would be to feature them on their social media accounts. As such, social media is an important facet of 96 Interior’s marketing, and many of their best designs are regularly posted onto their Facebook page. The company also creates engagement by posting written educational posts on interior design concepts, such as introductory pieces on vogue colour choices or modern design concepts.

But word of mouth remains a reliable source of business. It was how they got started in the industry, and how many of their recent customers found out about them. Good work speaks for itself.

The company hopes to expand into other related fields, including hacking and demolition services, electrical work, and furniture. There are ambitions to grow the business overseas as well, to see how far their hunger for success can take them.

But above all else, the founders of 96 Interior have an innate positivity within them that is pivotal to their success. When asked for one piece of advice for new business owners, this trait readily shone through:

“The important thing is to always smile. Even when the business is not doing so well, smile in the face of adversity. That way you’ll be strong enough to brave any


For more information about 96 Interior Pte Ltd, please visit their website at https://96interior.com.sg/ or call them at 9321 9696. They are located at 50 Ubi Crescent #01-10, Ubi Tech Park, Singapore 408568

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