A Blue Cube Design: SME Excellence Business Award & Top 50 Interior Design Award 2022/2023

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IMG 1674 3

Founder of A Blue Cube Design, Mr Averse Yau

Founded in 2020, A Blue Cube Design (known as ABCD for short) started off as an Interior Design firm specialising in home designs and renovation. The effervescent owner, Averse Yau, formed the company with two things in mind: an easy-to-remember name and a close Interior Designer-Client relationship. He also mentioned that the latter is crucial as it makes or breaks a brand, especially one that’s as personal as building a home for someone. 

The quirky name is stemmed from multiple reasons, one of them being how Averse always wanted his company to begin with the letter ‘A’; the first letter of the alphabet. Besides that, he needed an easy name for people to pronounce with ease. By merging the name with strong corporate colours, it gave the brand a memorable signature. Or a signature look if you will. 

Averse went on to explain that ABCD’s main intention is to bring the Client’s dream home to live and make a home a work of art. He went on to further explain that the four alphabets in ABCD also resembles four crucial structure: 

  • ‘A’ is for the Homeowner  
  • ‘B’ is for the Designer  
  • ‘C’ is for the Artisan
  • ‘D’ is for User Experience

By adding the above, Averse shared that it forms the meaning of ABCD; a company that not only focuses on themselves but aims to put forth the homeowner and their needs as well as establish a good relationship between the designer. This, in turn, ensures that both parties have clear communication and can convey their ideas with ease. 

Interior Designers are aplenty in Singapore but what makes ABCD different are several components. Beginning with the first one, which is the team. Averse is very picky with his hiring procedure; the first thing he looks for in a designer is passion. He shared that it’s hard to build a career without having passion for what you do. Averse also mentioned that the designers of today are multitalented and are capable in every area – something he’s always looking out for. It doesn’t matter if one has little to no experience as Averse is a firm believer in having faith in someone as long as they are willing to learn and put in the required hours. He also shared that all his designers must be sensible and empathetic toward Client needs as that will invoke a more personal touch to their services.

Averse shared that in the small team of 17, he makes it a point to guide every designer to the best of their ability before letting them work independently. He ensures no one gets left behind and practices patience with every new team member to ensure that everyone in the team is as close as a family. 

Another thing that differentiates ABCD is that, apart from other Interior Design firms, they are the first of their kind to integrate a mini showroom within their office. From the marble flooring to the kitchen island, the company portrays a more hands-on work studio to also ensure clients get the full experience when engaging their company.

Additionally, Averse mentioned that showing the functionality of the products will also give ample assurance to Clients, and make them realise that ABCD goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. The homely atmosphere of the company also provides Clients with a first-hand experience of what to expect when their space is completed. Averse shared that he wanted the space to resemble a hotel lounge to show the versatility of the services rendered by ABCD and how much thought goes into a design; making each design unique. Aside from that, Averse is constantly using the latest tech products to help Clients and Designers explore new things. He added that he is grateful for the assistance he’s been getting from the Government to execute newer and better integration of his company’s services.

Averse mentioned that the most fulfilling thing about being an Interior Designer is not only seeing an idea come to life but realizing that a nice home brings a family together. Adding on that when you fix a home, you inadvertently fix a relationship too. He advises those who want to enter the path of entrepreneurship to be patient, trust the process, understand the uncertainty of being your own boss, and be incredibly understanding to everyone around you.

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