Ascendas Corporate Pte Ltd: Singapore Prestige 100 Award and Top Business Service And Quality Award 2024/2025


Ascendas Corporate Pte Ltd stands as a testament to the evolution and resilience of businesses that prioritize the well-being of society. Under the astute leadership of Director Mr. Chen Biao, Ascendas Corporate transitioned from its origins as an import-export enterprise in 2019 to a beacon of health and wellness in the corporate sector by October 2023. Today, the company’s core mission revolves around providing premium health supplements, a testament to Mr. Biao’s vision of emphasizing health in today’s fast-paced world.

The inception of Ascendas Corporate was driven by Mr. Biao’s profound belief in the paramount importance of health, often sidelined in the relentless pursuit of success. His journey wasn’t devoid of challenges; the road to building a trustworthy brand in the health sector was fraught with uncertainties. The initial phase involved a strenuous effort to establish credibility and navigate the complex landscape of the health industry. Mr. Biao’s steadfast approach and the collaborative spirit of his team were instrumental in overcoming these hurdles.

Director of Ascendas Corporate Pte Ltd Mr Chen Biao

Notably, Ascendas Corporate is exploring the potential of franchising overseas, aiming to cement its reputation as a leading brand in health and wellness. The company’s developmental plans are ambitious, with a clear focus on extending its product line and innovating within the sector. Such initiatives underscore Ascendas Corporate’s commitment to enhancing health solutions on a global scale.

Beyond its business endeavours, Ascendas Corporate is deeply committed to contributing to the community. Although still in the planning stages, the company is actively involved in various activities aimed at societal betterment. This reflects Mr. Biao’s holistic view of success, which encompasses not only financial growth but also a positive impact on society. Mr. Biao attributes the company’s success to a clear vision, a robust network within the health sector, and the cultivation of trust among clients, suppliers, and staff. His motivation stems from a desire to see Ascendas Corporate achieve its utmost potential, driven by innovation and a strong commitment to quality.


What sets Ascendas Corporate apart is its personalized approach to client interactions and its innovative edge in product and service development. The company’s vantage points lie in its diverse service and product line, and the exceptional way it treats its clients and customers.

Ascendas Corporate’s journey from its humble beginnings to becoming a pioneer in the health supplement industry is a narrative of innovation, quality, and resilience. Led by Mr. Chen Biao, the company is on a trajectory of continual growth and expansion, aiming to make a lasting impact on the health and wellness sector. With its visionary leadership, innovative solutions, and a commitment to societal well-being, Ascendas Corporate Pte Ltd is poised to become a global leader in health and wellness, transforming lives and fostering a healthier future for all.

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