ASE Learning: Singapore Prestige 100 Award And Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2023/2024


In the vibrant tapestry of education, where every lesson is a brushstroke in the canvas of a child’s future,  ASE Learning stands as an illuminating beacon. Founded by three visionary female directors, Su Meixia, Li Yang, and Qiu Ningyi, this educational institution is a testament to the transformative power of motherly love and the indomitable spirit of women entrepreneurs.

At its core, ASE Learning offers a rich tapestry of online and onsite courses tailored for elementary and secondary students. Their mission? To fortify understanding, elevate academic performance, and kindle a passion for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Chinese. Beyond the classroom, ASE Learning crafts specialized programs for exams like PTE, IELTS, Aptis, and Slate, guiding students toward exceptional scores.

Headquartered in Singapore, ASE Learning extends its reach globally with branches in Australia and China. Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of maternal devotion. Inspired by the profound impact teachers have on children’s lives, ASE Learning was conceived as a sanctuary for nurturing young minds.

Su Meixia, Li Yang, Qiu Ningyi, Founders of ASE Learning

The business concept was born from an observation—an observation of children in Singapore navigating the rigors of rote learning. It ignited a determination to revolutionize education, to empower, inspire, and enlighten students. The courses offered here are designed to breathe life into learning, to make it dynamic, effective, and joyful.

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Rigorous teacher recruitment standards and an innovative teaching approach posed challenges in sourcing proficient educators. But ASE Learning’s spirit prevailed. They turned to platforms like LinkedIn, collaborated with universities to attract postgraduates, and provided relentless training to enhance tutor skills.

Their mission is to impart both skills and knowledge, igniting students’ passion for learning. In their vision, students become independent explorers, equipped to chart their own course in life. This commitment has powered ASE Learning’s remarkable success.

Over the next two years, ASE Learning envisions establishing five additional centers, pioneering a revolutionary approach to education. They aspire to be the trailblazing tuition center that offers immersive learning, empowering students to master essential skills while pursuing their passions.

The success of ASE Learning is rooted in a passion for education, fearless innovation, and the serendipity of exceptional partnerships. Their motivation transcends personal success; it is a relentless commitment to delivering optimal courses and services to their students.

Efficient management, a values-driven team, and established customer channels have all played a pivotal  role in their success. Their achievements are marked by guiding Chinese students to excel academically,  collaborating with esteemed partners, and receiving the prestigious Singapore 500 SME Company award in 2023. Their journey from online classes to dynamic group sessions is a testament to their adaptability and innovation.

What sets ASE Learning apart from competitors is their focus on consulting, planning, and application services for top-tier, high-end schools. They are committed to providing professional consulting services and academic training to families who value education and service quality.

Their unique position as a direct agent for top local international schools and universities in Singapore sets them apart. Their comprehensive business system encompasses study abroad counseling, exclusive curriculum training, and academic hosting services, offering holistic support for students’ long-term development. ASE Learning specializes in high-quality education services, backed by industry-leading expertise.

In their pursuit to retain clients, ASE Learning doesn’t merely keep customers; they expand their reach through exceptional service and word of mouth. They constantly analyze the market, anticipate customer needs, and invest in expanding their offerings.

The company culture at ASE Learning is a reflection of their essence—creative, lifelong learning, curiosity- driven, conscientious, and meticulous. It’s a culture where education isn’t just a business; it’s a calling, an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering excellence.

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