Asian Skin Solution: SME Excellence Business Award 2022/2023 & Top Business Service And Quality Award 2022/2023

Founded and located in Singapore with two branches, Asian Skin Solution is a company that has been awarded the SME Excellence Business Award in 2022/2023, and has also received the Top Business Service and Quality 2022/2023 award. Alongside these achievements, some of its most notable achievements include sponsoring major media companies such as Medicacorp’s Star Awards and Starhub’s Queen. Throughout the years, Asian Skin Solution has gained recognition on platforms such as Beauty Insider and Women’s Weekly Spa Awards. These have been the most satisfying and rewarding milestones achieved by the company.

Asian Skin Solution is a Singaporean company that only operates locally. As a Singaporean start- up, the company also contributes to the community. In fact, their most recent community project was the Mediacorp Care and Share programme.

Despite being in the beauty industry for more than a decade, Asian Skin Solution still takes on the leading role for specialising in Asian skin.

Asian Skin Solution is, as its name suggests, a company that is in the beauty industry providing facial services. There was a need to fill the gap of Asian women’s skincare needs. As many treatments and products originate from America, its main suitability are for Americans. However, due to the genetic differences, what is effective on Americans may not be applicable to Asians.

Asian Skin Solution is created to address this issue by focusing on Asian women’s skincare. The company thus differientiates itself from its competitors by specially formulating all of its products and treatments for Asian skin, which enhances the results on Asians. This provides the company a unique position in the market within Singapore. Despite being in the beauty industry for more than a decade, Asian Skin Solution still takes on the leading role for specialising in Asian skin.

The beginning of the journey was not particularly smooth-sailing. Asian Skin Solution faced fierce competition in the beauty industry, as there were plenty of companies that provided facials to women. Moreover, the company had to expend extra effort into convincing locals that Asian Skin Solution is a company that was specialised for their skin types. Asian Skin Solution was, however, successful in overcoming these problems. By building up a good reputation and getting recommended by satisfied customers, Asian Skin Solution was able to get off the ground upon startup. For the company, the recipe for establishing a successful company is to listen to the needs of the customers before providing the right treatment plans. Asian Skin Solution also believes in keeping the employees happy.

Asian Skin Solution aims to be womens’ first choice when it comes to facials, and to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

The company’s main objective is simple. It aims to be womens’ first choice when it comes to facials, and to deliver the ultimate customer experience. The company wants to provide solutions and treatments meant for Asian skin, and it wants the customers to leave satisfied after treatment. Its objective seems to have been met, as its success can be attributed to satisfied customers who have seen improvements in their skin after treatment. In fact, the company’s prime motivation to pursue success is the happiness that every customer walks out with. To retain its clients, the company proposes to have proven track records, and promises to continuously put in effort to serve its clients well.

Despite facing many threats in the industry, Asian Skin Solution relies on its strengths to continue thriving in the industry. The threats facing the company include the risk of getting squeezed out of   the market at any time, due to the large numbers of facial providers. As Asian Skin Solution   specializes only in Asian skin, it has the potential of missing out on other opportunities. Moreover, there are only two outlets in Singapore. However, Asian Skin Solution is not without its competitive edge. The company utilises a wide variety of equipment to address different concerns and needs. It also provides excellent customer service. Even though this could be seen as a weakness, the fact that  it specializes in Asian skin is also its strength. Although facials are primarily marketed at women, the company recognizes that it can serve male customers as well, unlike other beauty services, which restrict their clientele to females only.

The company brand name and logo is inspired by Asian Skin Solution’s desire to cater to Asian skin types. Although there is fierce competition in the market, what makes Asian Skin Solution stand out is its specially formulated treatments and products for Asian skin. The company would like to keep things simple and clear to the public that it is specialised in Asian skin types, and thus, it is called Asian Skin Solution. The same applies to its logo, which reflects the transparency of services it provides.

The company maintains its position in the industry through successful business management. By doing constant research on the market rates, Asian Skin Solution strikes a balance between its profitability and the purchasing ability of its customers. To ensure operational efficiency, the company provides hands-on trainings for its staff and provides them with a set of Standard Operating Procedures for them to follow. To keep its staff motivated, it has a quarterly staff evaluation to keep everyone on track based on Key Performance Indicator, and it also provides a yearly bonus, which highly depends on the staff’s performance for the year. Asian Skin Solution encourages open communication for all to voice out their concerns, creating a politically free working environment for its staff to thrive in.

Other than relying on word-of-mouth and its proven track record for improving the skin of its customers, Asian Skin Solution also utilises marketing channels to reach its target clientele. Through Live Streaming, Websites, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Asian Skin Solution has reached many potential customers. It is also exploring other platforms, such as Red and TikTok. Finally, it engage influencers to promote its brand and services.

The future of the company lies in becoming women’s first choice when it comes to getting facial treatments, and Asia Skin Solution attempts to reach that objective through delivering the ultimate customer experience. The company also embraces the future by utilising technology to enhance the experience of its customer base. Currently, Asian Skin Solution is in the midst of developing an appointment application, and it has upgraded its telemarketing call system.

While there are no intentions to expand or franchise the business overseas, Asian Skin Solution’s plans for the future includes having more outlets located in the heartlands of Singapore.

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