Beyond Medical Group: Singapore Prestige Class Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

Beyond Medical Group (BMG) is an investment holdings group dedicated to building iconic healthcare brands in Singapore. Since its operation in 2013, BMG’s main prerogative is to build clinics from the ground up, putting a large focus on clinic management and ensuring that their clinics remain relevant, profitable and competitive by providing logistic, organisational and administrative support so that doctors can focus on clinical work and patient care delivery. Doctors are given the autonomy to develop their own care paths and treatment protocols. This allows them to carry out their practice according to their beliefs and core values which, in turn, instils more confidence and trustworthiness among their patients. At the same time, this allows doctors to provide the best care possible, on their own terms.

“The number of specialist clinics tripled over the last two years”

BMG has undergone spectacular growth over the last two years. The number of specialist clinics tripled from 4 clinics in 2020, to a current outstanding portfolio of 12 doctors and 16 centres locally. These specialist clinics are well situated in accessible and well-known private hospitals around Singapore, such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Led by Ms Elayne Soh, who has over 13 years of experience within the realm of healthcare management, from business development and M&A to strategy development, alongside her experienced healthcare management team, BMG has delivered outstanding results.

This year, they have attained the SME Business Excellence Award (2022/2023), including other accolades such as the Singapore Prestige Class Award (2022/2023) and the Top Business Service and Quality Award (2022/2023). Miss Soh also clinched the Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award in the same year. 

Quality patient-centric care and service excellence”

Beyond Medical Group was built on the understanding that healthcare goes beyond just patient consultation and treatment. “Like any other brand, it’s not just about the product. There are intangible aspects that set you apart from the rest — in this case, it’s quality patient-centric care and service excellence”, explains Ms Soh. With the patient experience in mind, all BMG clinics provide quality private healthcare and a seamless healthcare journey that goes beyond the provision of medical services — from booking your first appointment to post-procedure care. 

The secret ingredient for success lies in Beyond Medical Group Headquarters

Beyond Medical Group has a comprehensive strategy in providing extensive support to its clinics — and this is largely due to its Headquarters. In fact, it is recognised as one of the strongest and most comprehensive healthcare headquarters by many industry players. The management team is helmed by healthcare professionals, each with more than 10 years of healthcare experience. Each member of the team is headhunted, and handpicked for their own abilities, areas of expertise and broad professional network in the industry. When incredible talents come together with a shared vision, amazing results follow suit.

A part of Beyond Medical Group’s strategy involves strong financial backing, an in-house marketing department, human resource functions and general accounting services — all of whom have expertise in healthcare marketing and building healthcare brands. This comprehensive scope of services covers all facets of running a modern-day clinic, giving the clinic an edge over its competitors. When administrative duties are lifted from the doctors, they are able to fully channel their efforts into delivering quality care for their patients and continuing their passion for research and clinical trials.

Such a unique business model especially strived during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many skilled medical practitioners who had wanted to own their own private practice had their plans delayed because of instability in the market. Beyond Medical Group stepped in to provide them with a robust platform to shine while they focus on their clinical work. This includes materialising the doctors’ vision of how they want their clinic to be, while ensuring conversions in a digital landscape and connecting doctors with like-minded stakeholders to create long-term value for the organisation. 

Healthcare Beyond Singapore

In an effort to provide quality healthcare across countries, Beyond Medical Group also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cambodia and China counterparts on broad key collaboration on areas that will facilitate partnership initiatives and facilitate patients requiring specialist medical treatment in Singapore. This MOU also creates a sustainable platform for regular medical seminars and clinical workshops for doctors from these countries. This includes collaborations in telemedicine and rendering second opinions on complicated cases with our multi-disciplinary specialists to better manage patients across physical boundaries — providing opportunities to connect with patients and treat them within a shorter span of time. 

Beyond Medical Group will continue to grow its presence in Singapore through building more specialists’ clinics, venturing into other healthcare spaces and working with even more healthcare providers in their pursuit of providing the best patient care possible.

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