BottomSlim: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

BottomSlim Pte Ltd is a company that is in the beauty industry which provides slimming services, and    it has received the SME Business Excellence Award 2022/2023, as well as the Top Business Service      And Quality Award 2022/2023. Alongside these achievements, the company has also sponsored some major media companies such as Mediacorp’s Star Awards, as well as Starhub’s Queen. It has been in operation since 2007. Throughout the fifteen years that it has operated, the company has also gained recognition on platforms such as Elle Beauty, as well as the Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award.

These milestones were the most satisfying and rewarding for the company. Being a Singapore-based company, BottomSlim Pte Ltd has also engaged in helping the community. Its most recent community project was the Mediacorp Care And Share programme.

The company first saw the demand for lower body slimming upon startup. However, most companies that provided slimming services did not provide such specialisation. The company realised that many women only had lower body slimming problems, whereas, in the market, many companies provide only full body slimming solutions. Thus, the company was inspired to provide lower body slimming services to the public. Despite the difficulties encountered intially, such as needing to spend time and effort to convince the mass market, the company overcame these obstacles through its efforts in marketing. It was daring enough to use a headless model focusing on the lower body for its advertisements, and, contrary to its expectations, received overwhelmingly positive responses.

BottomSlim Pte Ltd aims to provide slimming  solutions and treatments meant for women, leaving them satisfied and empowered with the results that they see.

BottomSlim Pte Ltd’s objective is simple. It aims to provide slimming solutions and treatments meant for women, leaving them satisfied and empowered with the results that they see. The company aims to be women’s first choice when it comes to slimming, and also, to provide outstanding customer service.

The company attributes its success to the proven results that it gives its customers, as well as the trust that it has gained from its customers. The motivation for BottomSlim Pte Ltd to pursue success is the happiness that every customer walks out with. By satisfying its customers, BottomSlim Pte Ltd upholds its position as the pioneer in lower body slimming. To establish a successful company, the company believes in providing up-to-date solutions, producing visible results, as well as maintaining employee happiness.

BottomSlim Pte Ltd differentiates itself from others in the market by being a pioneer in lower body slimming. The slimming solutions that it provides are like no others in the market. Thus, it allows women to target areas of their concerns, instead of just the whole body. Rather than  simply relying on its existing strengths, the company has also embraced  technological changes to further enhance its standing in the market. It is in the midst of developing an appointment application, and has recently upgraded its telemarketing call system. The company seeks to retain its clients through  proven track results, and continues to put in  extra effort to serve its clients well.

BottomSlim Pte Ltd’s strengths lie in giving customers options to choose areas that they wish to target. As a pioneer in lower body slimming, it has also accumulated a strong  brand  standing over the years. However, it faces difficulties in the market, as it may not be the best option for  people who are looking into full body slimming. Moreover, there exists a  fierce  competition among rivals in the beauty market. It runs the risk of getting squeezed out of the market at any   time, as customers may not be loyal to the brand due to the massive number of choices that they have access to.

Like many other businesses, the current Covid-19 situation has also heavily affected BottomSlim Pte Ltd’s business. The company overcomes these problems through its trustable brand name. Due to the fact that it is a pioneer in lower body slimming solutions, customers have developed trust in the brand easily. It also has numerous outlets located in Singapore, giving customers the option to choose the location that is convenient for them. Having a renowned brand name also allows the company to approach and collaborate with third party vendors more easily.

BottomSlim Pte Ltd’s brand name came simply with its expertise in lower body slimming. Its intention was to make the message clear, and easily understandable to the public. As for the logo, colours such as gold and black radiate confidence, and thus, lets women feel confident as well.

The company maintains its position in the industry through successful business management. By doing constant research on the market rates, BottomSlim Pte Ltd strikes a balance between its profitability and the purchasing ability of its customers. To ensure operational efficiency, the company provides hands-on trainings for its staff and provides them with a set of Standard Operating Procedures for them to follow. To keep its staff motivated, it has a quarterly staff evaluation to keep everyone on track based on Key Performance Indicator, and it also provides a yearly bonus, which highly depends on the staff’s performance for the year. BottomSlim Pte Ltd encourages open communication for all to voice out their concerns, creating a politically free working environment for its staff to thrive in.

Other than relying on word-of-mouth and its proven track record, BottomSlim Pte Ltd also utilises marketing channels to reach its target clientele. Through Live Streaming, Websites, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, BottomSlim Pte Ltd  has  reached  many  potential customers. It is also exploring other platforms, such as Red and TikTok. Finally,  it engage influencers   to promote its brand and services. When BottomSlim Pte Ltd has promotions, there are times when the company will be giving out complimentary gift sets for its newly joined customers.

Plans for future development by BottomSlim Pte Ltd include the expansion of the brand closer to residential areas to cater to more females in Singapore. As such, at the moment, there are neither branches nor franchises overseas, and there are no plans to expand or franchise the business overseas.

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