Bust Aesthetic: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd is a beauty company that provides services for busts. Located at 243 Alexander Road, the company was incorporated in 2021. Despite being only a recent startup, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd has already won the SME Excellence Business Award 2022/2023, as well as the Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023. These milestones were the most satisfying for the company to achieve, due to the fact that it received these two awards in such a short time frame since launch.

What brings Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd into the market? There was a lack of bust knowledge and treatments available in the Singaporean market. Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd aimed to bring these knowledge and treatments in, and it introduced them to the Singaporean market. Inspired by the fact that bust treatments commonly meant invasive treatments, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd aimed to fill the gap with non-invasive treatments. The image of the company is important, as well. The company wanted to create a skilled and professional image so that people could feel safe and assured in their hands, as they provide non-invasive treatments, which are yet to be common in the market.

Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd faced initial difficulties upon its startup. Being a bust brand could cause misconceptions easily, due to the type of words and images used in advertising. Singaporean locals, too, needed some convincing. Thus, the company had to expend a lot of effort in convincing the locals. By using metaphors to depict the message to the general public, the company was able to overcome the obstacle that it faced.

Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd differs from its competitors, in that it believes in the use of non- invasive techniques.

Despite being a new startup, the company has seen much success. It attributes its success to customers giving it positive feedback. The company’s prime motivation for pursuing success lies in seeing women gain increasing confidence throughout the course of the treatment. To establish a successful company, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd believes in committing towards every client to achieve the best results, as well as employee happiness.

Most of the time, the only way to enhance the busts of women is through invasive methods.  Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd differs from its competitors, in that it believes in the use of non- invasive techniques. The company does not  desire to do any damage to its clients’ bodies.

The treatments provided by the company also allow women to jump back into their busy lifestyles immediately afterwards. The company implements innovative processes into business operations, as it is in the process of developing an appointment application, and has recently upgraded its Customer Relationship Management system. The company seeks to retain its clients through proven track results and adds in continuous efforts to serve its clients well.

Other than relying on its proven track record for improving the busts of its customers, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd also utilises marketing channels to reach its target clientele. Through Live Streaming, Websites, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd has reached many potential customers. It is also exploring other platforms, such as Red and TikTok. Finally, it engages influencers to promote their brand and services.

The strength of Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd is due to the lack of competitors in the market. As the topic of busts is seldom talked about, there is a huge gap to fill in the market. Women undergoing treatments from the company can expect to jump back into their daily lives with no downtime. Not only does Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd provide bust services, it also provides treatments for the pelvic floor muscle.

However, the fact that the company focuses on the bust area is also a weakness, unlike its competitors, which could offer a wide array of different services. Not only that, the company only has one outlet, which suggests that it might not be able to take care of women who reside in areas that are too far away. Despite the weaknesses, the large gap to fill also implies the standing advantage that the company has due to the fact that there are less competitors. Providing bust services is a fresh topic that can spark conversations among the public, providing free publicity. The company uses Key Opinion Leaders to reach out to women of different age groups and life stages. Although the company has less competitors, the existing competitors on the market remain a threat. Not only that, society has a stigma against such topics, envisaging that they should be avoided.

Branding is important for a company’s image. Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd’s brand name and company logo is inspired to give a clean professional image, so that women would be willing to entrust themselves with the company. However, being too clean and professional has the potential of giving off a stern, unapproachable vibe. Hence, the company has added in earth tones and a heart element to convey its care and concern to its clients.

The company maintains its position in the industry through successful business management. By doing constant research on the market rates, Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd strikes a balance between its profitability and the purchasing ability of its customers. To ensure operational efficiency, the company provides hands-on trainings for its staff and provides them with a set of Standard Operating Procedures for them to follow. To keep its staff motivated, it has a quarterly staff evaluation to keep everyone on track based on Key Performance Indicator, and it also provides a yearly bonus, which highly depends on the staff’s performance for the year. Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd encourages open communication for all to voice out their concerns, creating a politically free working environment for its staff to thrive in.

The company envisions itself to be women’s first choice when it comes to bust services. Its objectives are to allow women to gain confidence with their busts. The company cares not just about their  clients’ busts, but also about their overall well-being.

Looking forward, the development plans for Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd include having more outlets around Singapore, thus bringing convenience and more confidence to women at their doorsteps. Being a newly launched startup, the company is based in Singapore, and does not have any overseas franchise or outlets. As such, there is currently no intention to expand or franchise the business overseas. Bust Aesthetic Pte Ltd is also in the process of sourcing for charity organizations to work with, as it has not yet engaged in helping the community due to being a newly launched brand.

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