CarTimes: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service And Quality 2022/2023

CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd, a name familiar to many car owners as it is one of the leading used-car dealers in Singapore. Established in 2001, CarTimes has an impressive 21 years of experience under their belt in the auto industry. They are famously known to deliver what they promise, backed up by the fact that it was their 1-bid guaranteed program that propelled the entire automobile industry.

The growth of CarTimes over the years has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. They won the Most Promising Brand Award in 2006, achieving this feat in a short 5 years after establishing. After which, the business went on to expand from simply retailing used cars to offering a full suite of solutions to car owners such as extensive financing options, comprehensive packages, and in-house island-wide workshop for their customers, as well as 24-Hour road assistance.

Their next milestone came in the form of a massive merger between CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd and CARSOME Group Pte Ltd (CARSOME), Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform. With operations across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, CARSOME provides end-to-end solutions to consumers and used car dealers, and currently has more than 3,000 employees across all its offices in Asia. CarTimes holds a strong branding in Singapore, and has constantly proven itself capable in providing seamless car transactions for its consumers, allowing the company to gain trust from the locals. Thus for CARSOME, forming a partnership with CarTimes became their priority as they believe CarTimes meets all the ticks they require in having a partner who is fully aligned with their core values and is able to bring innovation, technology and regional experience into their team.

Eddie Loo (Managing Director & Founder, CarTimes Group) and Eric Cheng (Group CEO & Co-Founder, CARSOME Group)

In July 2022, CarTimes unveiled its rebranded logo after merging with CARSOME Group Pte Ltd. CarTimes’ new logo – “CarTimes, Powered by CARSOME” retains its iconic cresting waves, now merged into a single point representing the seamless integration of CarTimes into CARSOME. Similar to CARSOME, CarTimes work on the same commitment of offering customers a peace of mind at every step of their car transaction and ownership journey.

This is an exciting period for CarTimes especially in today’s digital era. We are thankful to be able to tap onto CARSOME’s digital expertise to transform the automotive ecosystem of services and expand what we have built for our customers, all to better serve their needs.” CarTimes Founder and Managing Director Eddie Loo shared. Mr Eddie Loo further added that the rebranding signifies the growth of CarTimes as they will expand their resources and leverage CARSOME’s digital infrastructure to offer their services online, making it convenient to consumers without falling short in terms of choices and transparency.

The newly merged entity boasts an impressive combined network and operating experiences which will further strengthen their presence in the auto industry. Combining their expertise and digital innovations, they will be able to work towards their shared vision of creating the most trusted vehicle ownership ecosystem that is powered by technology and data.

For more information on their product offerings and services, visit or visit the flagship showroom at Automobile Mega Mart.

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