C&C Offshore Pte Ltd: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service & Quality Award 2022/2023

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Founder of C&C Offshore Pte Ltd, Mr TL Chuah

Around since 2014 is C&C Offshore Pte Ltd– a multidiscipline engineering solutions company– led by Mr Tl Chuah. Apart from establishing the company as a key player in the field, C&C Offshore also provide Marine & Offshore, Detail Engineering, System Design, Procurement, and Precision Machining (prototype product completion) services. Mr Chuah shared that his company deals with a lot of human interactions; they listen to and understand customer requests, and customise any engineering products to meet customer needs.   

Apart from the services listed above, C&C Offshore also provides Feasible study, Coordination with the approval authority, Preliminary design & basic design service, preliminary project budgeting and schedule, detailed design, drafting and 3D modelling works, design calculation & analysis, documents control management, and development of operation manual for specific fields procedure. For the Marine & Engineering solutions of things, the C&C Offshore works with some of the best independent companies to provide Rig & Crew services, Well Intervention, Rig Moving services, Transportation & Installation services, and Equipment Maintenance.   

Under the Procurement and Precision Machining portion, C&C Offshore offers their skills, knowledge, and good networking with global suppliers to extend their expertise in sourcing and buying products according to client requirements. In addition to that, they also provide an alternative solution in Precision Machining such as product design, product machining, CNC milling, covering, flanges, cross tee and coupling, and repairing.   

Moving on to the story behind the name C&C, Mr Chuah shared that he incorporated Castor (the brightest star in Gemini) and Culmen (the summit) within the name of his company followed by ‘Offshore’ as it is believed that a name of value and quality leadership leads to professional success, encourages everyone to work as a team, and provide good values and respect. He also went on to share that since September 2014, oil prices decreased and he saw a potential to enter the industry, as there were a lot of opportunities. This led him to quit his full-time job and build this company from the ground up. Mr Chuah mentioned that he is also grateful for the (mental) support of his wife.   

C&C Offshore also differs from similar competitors in many ways. For starters, they believe in forming a close bond with Clients to ensure they understand Client’s needs to help them execute their ideas with ease. Additionally, Mr Chuah also saw an opportunity in Waste Management Engineering– for hazardous and heavy metal scraps– sharing that not many companies are doing it. The first question that was posed to him was where do heavy metal scraps go considering how Singapore is a tiny island with minimal space. From that logic, he moved on to provide metal cutting services– where he would cut metal scraps into small pieces and distribute them to the various scrapyards around. This in turn led him to think out of the box and grow his Client base while at it.   

COVID-19 was a treacherous time for everyone however, C&C was only affected for a few months. Mr Chuah explained that he only started the company in 2014 and business boomed in 2020. However, he did share that due to the pandemic, manpower posed a huge challenge. Despite that, he’s happy the company managed to pull through and get through it together.   

In five years, Mr Chuah hopes to bring C&C Offshore to the international market making Singapore the main headquarters; starting off with the China, Indonesia and Vietnam markets, and gradually growing from there. This will ensure C&C Offshore’s name gets global recognition as well. He’s also proud of his successes thus far, and hopes for them to grow in the coming years. Mr Chuah also mentioned how easy it is to communicate with overseas partners over the use of digital meeting platforms, making it easier for his team in Singapore and Indonesia to converse with ease.   

Mr Chuah advises everyone who is looking to get into the industry to not have any constraints in mind, have a proper plan, gain knowledge, and not let money or naysayers hinder the slow progress.  

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