Chrono Collection: Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2021/2022


An attractive and reliable timepiece can redefine time with style, has character and is a definite conversation starter, especially if it looks unique with a touch of class.

Ms. Irene Soon started Chrono Collection Pte Ltd as a hobby project in 2019 to provide aesthetic enhancement to regular G-Shocks and Baby-G watches. She has always enjoyed fashion and bling whilst her husband, watches. She came across an idea to combine what they both liked and decided to explore the feasibility and successfully delivered on a unique product.

Since 2019, as her product grown in popularity with business expansion, Ms. Irene decided to expand Chrono collection from an online-only business, to include two physical stores in central Singapore. They have also achieved positive feedback from several of their clients and attained certifications for their products

In recognition of the quality of their products and dedication to their clients, Chrono Collection will be receiving the Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022. Additionally, Ms. Irene will also be receiving the Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2021/2022 for her passion and commitment.

Founder and Owner of Chrono Collection, Ms. Irene Soon

A Timepiece Just For You

Everyone should own a statement timepiece. However, most of the beautiful, sophisticated branded timepieces are priced well beyond many ordinary folk’s budget. With that in mind, Ms. Irene sourced for a brand of watches that she could customise and decided on Casio, a very well-known watchmaker whose prices are relatively affordable, and the product known for its durability. On that note, Chrono Collection only customises specific models of G- Shock watches because of the difficulty in the customisation of the mould; every watch has its own unique mould, so one mould would not fit any other model. It is for this reason they selected the more popular range of the G-Shock series that customers were more likely to own so that if they brought their own watches, they could match the moulds and give their watches a facelift. Chrono Collection does sell the full set with the watches and casing, this is to ensure that the watch model will fit the chase.

While most people are more familiar with the names Baby-G and G-Shock, the Mini-G series is a favourite of Ms. Irene and a hidden gem in Casio’s G-Series. She personally went to the shop to source for watches that would fit her style and felt that the Baby-G series were too small, and the G-Shock series was too big. It was then that she discovered the mid-ranged Mini-G series which was quite rare in the market. The Mini-G series also has a very special interface that is quite different from the Baby-G and G-Shock series, but despite the high price, “I feel that if you want to customise something, you customise something more unique so that it can give a different impact.”

In addition, all the bezels are handcrafted and set with genuine Swarovski crystals. Their selection of Swarovski crystals are cut and polished meticulously, bringing about the full intensity of natural light, creating superlative results. By incorporating two of what they feel are the best possible brands together, this is how Chrono Collection was born.

Ms. Irene comes up with all the designs herself and Chrono Collection has patented with and copyright all the designs. “A watch should not just be showing time. It should also show our character.”

Understanding What the Customer Wants

Everyone has to start from scratch. There are many who want to be an entrepreneur, but they will always engage someone else to do the back-end work. As a result, for the initial part, they cannot understand what the structure of their own business is. When Ms. Irene first started in the company, she was personally engaged in all enquiries, from product design, installation and delivery. She takes ownership of issues and can relate immediately, even though she has assigned these tasks to her staff.

She also enjoys talking to her customers as she gets to interact with them and has even made some good friends, which is an indirect bonus for her. Speaking with her clients enable her to understand their needs and provide appropriate advice as required and many of her clients would personally request for her direct services as well. “I started not because I wanted to do business, I started because I wanted to share my designs and I get happy when people like it.”

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