Elevan August: Singapore Prestige 100 Award And Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2023/2024

Step into the world of marketing with Elevan August Media, a digital marketing agency founded by Ms Lee Yan Ting in March 2019. Tired of encountering unethical digital marketers in her previous business ventures, she embarked on a mission to create a company that stands for integrity and honesty.

Elevan August Media offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including strategic planning, social media management, search engine optimisation, content creation, and more. Their expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results have helped numerous businesses harness the power of the digital landscape to grow and succeed.

While Elevan August Media is based in Singapore, its impact extends beyond borders. With a diverse portfolio of clients that includes both local SMEs and international enterprises, they excel in helping businesses reach the Singaporean market by advertising their products and services to the Singaporean audience. Their ability to adapt to the unique needs and demands of various businesses is reflected in their wide range of industry clients. From F&B to fashion, technology to healthcare, Elevan August Media has proven its capability to drive results across diverse sectors.

Ms Lee Yan Ting, Founder of Elevan August Media

The journey of establishing Elevan August Media was not without its challenges. Ms Lee initially faced the dilemma of balancing a full-time job with her side hustle in digital marketing. Unsure whether to take the risk and quit her stable job, she contemplated for a while. However, as fate would have it, a change in her previous employer’s company direction served as a unique turning point in Ms Lee’s entrepreneurial journey. It marked the moment when she recognised the opportunity to shift her focus from a side hustle to fully immersing herself in her digital marketing venture.

Facing skepticism and doubts from naysayers, Ms Lee remained determined and resolute. She believed in herself and the vision she had for Elevan August Media. Despite not having a background in agency work, she proactively sought out thought leaders in the field, learning from their experiences, studying their successes, and using their insights to shape her approach. Through dedication and a thirst for knowledge, she overcame the hurdle of starting from a non- agency background and transformed it into a unique advantage.

The success of Ms Lee and Elevan August Media can be attributed to a combination of key factors. First and foremost, the unwavering support of her family, both emotionally and financially, has given her the courage and determination to embark on her entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, her self-discipline and insatiable hunger for knowledge have been instrumental in propelling her and her company to new heights. Rather than overthinking, she takes decisive action, setting herself apart from those who hesitate and miss out on valuable opportunities. This combination of family support, self-discipline, and a proactive mindset has been the driving force behind the success of Ms Lee and Elevan August Media.

Establishing a successful company requires a deep understanding of one’s motivations and aspirations. In the case of Ms Lee and Elevan August Media, their drive extends beyond mere financial gain. Instead, their mission is to leave a lasting legacy and create something truly meaningful in the world of digital marketing. Ms Lee shared her belief that simply pursuing a stable job for monetary reasons would not fulfil her desire for personal and professional fulfilment. Entrepreneurship, with all its challenges and rewards, became the path she chose to make a lasting impact.

To all who are keen on venturing on their journey, Ms Lee emphasised the importance of having a backup plan. In her case, maintaining a day job provided stability and a safety net while she worked tirelessly to build Elevan August Media from the ground up. This approach allowed her to navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship with a sense of security, and mitigate the inherent risks of starting a new venture, while still dedicating herself fully to the growth and success of her company.


Looking ahead, Elevan August Media has exciting plans for future development. Given Ms Lee’s passion for food, they are venturing into content creation and PR management for the F&B industry. They aim to serve this vibrant sector and help businesses in the F&B space thrive.

Elevan August Media has already achieved notable recognition in the industry. They are recognised as one of the top 5 most trustworthy boutique marketing companies in Singapore, with numerous recommendations and media coverage to support their stellar reputation. Yearly industry accreditations further solidify their position as trusted partner in the digital marketing landscape.

Elevan August Media is more than just your typical digital marketing agency. With their ethical approach, dedicated team, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, they are changing the game in the industry. Join them on their journey to transform businesses through strategic and ethical digital marketing practices.

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