Epergne Solutions: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service And Quality Award 2022/2023

Mr Saikiron Menon, Director of Epergne Solutions Pte Ltd

Epergne Solutions Pte Ltd was founded in 2018 and operational since 2020, under Mr Saikiron Menon and has since expanded from their headquarters in Singapore to other countries across the world, namely that of Australia, India and the Philippines. Presently, Epergne Solutions is a leading IT solutions provider possessing niche and comprehensive capabilities in mobility, analytics and web solutions. Despite facing various challenges since its incorporation such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Epergne Solutions has emerged stronger with impressive year-on-year revenue growth rates of 80% in 2021 and 100% in 2022. This accentuates their indomitable spirit and capabilities to stay firm and resolute in times of crisis.

Within our contemporary industrial landscape, digital transformation is of paramount importance to the technological efficiency and competency of any organization to thrive and keep up with the emerging demands from customers. As such, Epergne Solutions provides a myriad of services to offer their clients unrivalled technological solutions, which encompasses that of application development, AI machine and learning, UI/UX design development, mobile backend service, digital commerce, and digital marketing.

What also makes Epergne Solutions stand out from the crowd is the extraordinary depth of knowledge and expertise amongst their ranks, as well as the dedication and focus to customer service, which remains a salient feature of their business strategy. The firm’s flexibility and quality of service has also attributed to their high customer retention rates, paying testament to the unrivalled and unparalleled services of Epergne Solutions.


From a young age, Mr Saikiron Menon, director of Epergne Solutions, has always been ambitious and driven to achieve the goals that he had set for himself. As a committed professional, Mr Menon has been endorsed as a “calm and collected” leader who was consistently supportive of his team.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Mr Menon has amassed a wealth of knowledge in various business models including outsourcing, management and staffing within the APAC market. Prior to launching his own establishment, Mr Menon has taken up key roles to develop a better understanding of the market. Most notably, Mr Menon served as the executive director (APAC) of a regional staffing company, for over 12 years.

Throughout his tenure, Mr Menon was

responsible for expansion activities,

acquisitions, and many large-scale corporate projects across the region. He also drove the hiring strategy, account growth and coaching of staff within his team. This elucidates his soft skills such as that of leadership, time management and his positive work ethics, which were honed over the years.

“If I have a customer and I deliver something to them, I receive appreciation and that in itself, is a huge motivator for me”


Despite the continued success of Epergne Solutions, Mr Menon’s entrepreneurship journey was certainly not a bed of roses. Within the firm’s early stages, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic engendered egregious challenges for Mr Menon and his company. The pandemic lockdown was particularly detrimental to the firm’s recruitment strategy, where new problems such as salary compensations emerged. Nevertheless, Mr Menon’s resilience and determination was delineated by his unwavering commitment to the firm, in which he took a pay cut and dedicated everything to the company. Despite the odds, Mr Menon was unfazed by the uphill challenges and instead, adopted a positive mindset.

“Within a competitive industry, the moment you are laid back, someone will take your place.”


With his impeccable knowledge and expertise, he has garnered the respect and support of many under his guidance. As a seasoned professional within the staffing industry, Mr Menon has imparted key know-how to his counterparts. “I believe in shared success. If I make them (my employees) successful, that in turn, makes me successful as well”. Beyond his job,

Mr Menon also serves as the

secretary of Rotary Club Singapore Heartlands in which he organises projects on financial literacy to educate the less privileged members of society. His strong sense of compassion and public-spiritedness has also manifested on his project to empower women in india. One of the projects he is involved in along with his club is to identify underprivileged girls and pay for their transportation and a computer science course to enable them to be employable.


With the rapid advancement of technology, Epergne Solutions aspires to preserve its competitive edge over the industry through the continued provision of quality services to its clients, as well as plans for expansion into other countries, namely Taiwan, the UK and the US. Moving forward, Mr Menon recognises the obstacles faced in recruitment and client expectations, but he seeks to overcome any obstacles the future may hold. His interpersonal skills as well as his steadfastness in the face of adversity over the years has undoubtedly developed a robust foundation for Epergne Solutions. With that, the future of Epergne Solutions appears promising and propitious with Mr Menon at the helm.

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