Freight Mark Logistics: Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022


Managing Director of Freight Mark Logistics (S) Pte. Ltd., Mr Philip Ng

Success Story

Ranked by the World Bank as Asia’s No.1 logistics hub for a consecutive 10 years, Singapore is known to be a world-leading logistics player in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry. With 600 ports in 123 countries connected to Singapore by 200 shipping lines, it is no wonder major global logistics firms set up their headquarters, and conduct their regional and global operations in the city. Freight Mark Logistics is no different.

Despite being in its early years and incorporated in 2016, Freight Mark Logistics has achieved a S$9 million revenue as of 2021. Operating with a 15,000 square feet free trade zone warehouse and crossing a revenue of S$1 million within a month in 2020, the dynamic company optimises the business growth of small and medium enterprises through its extensive global network and comprehensive suite of logistics solutions.

The man pioneering Freight Mark Logistics is Mr. Philip Ng, 49. A veteran in the Supply Chain industry for 25 years, Philip started in the Air Force before pursuing a role as a Sales Representative in the fourth largest courier/express company.

The appeal towards being able to communicate and grow with a diversity of industries and countries continued his progression through high regional positions in Airborne Express, Eagle Global Logistics (acquired by CEVA), Sembcorp Logistics, FedEx Trade Network and other multi- national corporations. He later set up joint ventures and pivoted his clientele from multinational to regional players. The fulfillment from obtaining private equities through his joint ventures empowered him to finally invest in Freight Mark Logistics.

Within 5 years, the business progressed from its core processes of air freight, sea freight and warehousing, to now managing consultations, and import and export services. It represents big multinational companies such as SF Express and LF Logistics as local service providers; and demonstrated capabilities to support both big and small industries and track overseas partners that are owner-owned in Europe, America and the rest of the world.

The notable achievements in a short span of time and the relentless strive for service excellence has won the company Top 20 in the Singapore Prestige Class Award and Top Business Service and Quality Award 2021/2022.

Seeking Opportunities

Philip’s 25 years of experience developed his people skills, sales operations and intuition in business through learning and working for people. When asked about his challenges transitioning from working with multinational corporations to becoming a small-medium enterprise, he pointed out that it was necessary to form a shift in his mindset and create a structure for a new culture and business direction.

Attracting the right talents and convincing them to follow a culture was also a challenge. While big players had their advantages in terms of bigger business prospects and a larger pool of aspiring talents, Philip creates opportunities for his ambitious talents to dive into different aspects of the small business.

Working in an ever-evolving industry, the importance of strategic alliances among like- minded businesses is vital. With his years of rapport, Philip formed strong bonds with global- operated businesses, and later built a coalition of neutral community to share its services and resources worldwide. He successfully established his business structure in leaps and bounds and now boasts a wide connection to as many as 2,500 global network organisations and exclusive partners.

Still competitive in price, Freight Mark Logistics has earned the trust of customers and partners for its value towards his network and service- focused approach. The company manages to treat their customers and business like their own, and seizes the opportunity as a neutral party to troubleshoot and support all existing and potential customers.

Philip takes on the accountability as a team leader to constantly inspire new solutions, drive for growth and ready to support his team members when called upon. He smiled and said, “Every problem is an opportunity for solutions, and positivity is a mindset that must be upkept.”

Building a Culture for Success

Philip attributes his success to having the right attitude, resilience, strategic opportunism, and most especially to his wife, Mdm Zayne, who stood by him with unwavering support through his corporate years and when he took the leap of faith in joint ventures.

As a personal brand for himself, the company’s objectives, SMILES, is a multi-pronged approach of values that Philip has lived by since he started in the corporate world. Formed to encourage his team to uphold integrity and utmost sincerity in delivering excellent service standards, Philip believes that cultivating such life values in each team player can shape a positive work culture and pave its way to happy customers and long-term partnerships.

From starting with a 6 person team to now having 20 people, the company bolsters its high employee retention rate through instilling life values, orientation programmes and attentive mentorships. The company also focuses on the inclusivity in all age groups and encourages all team members to have fun, enjoy the process and work together cohesively to strive towards rewarding team incentives. “When you’re having fun, every day is a milestone. It is satisfying and rewarding to watch the team grow with the culture” says Philip.

Moving Forward

Through the pandemic in 2020, all industries have seen the effect of an accelerated shift towards e-commerce and digitalisation. Similarly, the supply chain industry is required to find solutions to maintain high efficiency while addressing the changing demands of customers.

Freight Mark Logistics recognises the push to go digital and its possibilities to expand the business to the overseas market. With its fast and stable operational system, the company plans to leverage on digitalising more of its workflow and building global agencies. They are expecting to hire multiple remote talents in various countries to support the marketing and growth of the business.

With a vision to achieve S$50 million revenue in 2026, Freight Mark Logistics aims to continuously develop their existing customers and partnership network whilst progressively expanding its customer-based from small medium enterprises to targeting global players.

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