Global Radiance Group of Maritime Companies: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

Global Radiance Group of Maritime Companies is a multi-business company, focusing on ship and manpower management. They also have entities for project and offshore management, allowing them to tackle a series of different portfolios at once Other services also include being a shipping agent, running an assets trading house and providing accounting solutions.

Global Radiance possesses offices in Pakistan, and partners in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, and the Middle East. Founded by Mr. Siddiqui in 2014, his vision for the company stemmed from his belief that everyone is gifted when given the opportunities to work on their strengths. He carries a passion for creating jobs and giving back to community as well. From his experience, while Singapore is a marine hub, there are few locals actually interested in entering the maritime industry. Even with the government providing scholarships, most seafarers come from overseas from Southeast Asia all the way to Europe.

Because entering the maritime industry does not require high academic credentials as an entry point, Siddiqui wonders how he could educate youngsters who are interested in the profession – He sees great promise in the industry, and also provides funding for students in less fortunate families to provide education and training for them, especially with the support of foundations such as MENDAKI. While most people seek to enter prestigious jobs such as lawyers or doctors, he knows that there are great futures for people entering the maritime industry, and seeks to grow it in Singapore. Mr. Siddiqui has experience working with the MENDAKI board, providing scholarships for students from low-income families. He recounts an incident when a student whose parent was seeking treatment in IMH, and the sponsor was chose other prospective students instead of them. In the sponsor’s place, Mr. Siddiqui stepped in and took the student in with a grant of his, and was repaid by outstanding results by the student.

As an immigrant from Pakistan, Mr. Siddiqui mentions that his motivations for the company come from noting that while other fields are quite saturated in Singapore the maritime industry faces no such issue among manpower. He also finds great satisfaction in helping the needy as he believes that people cannot bring things to their grave, and need to pass things down. When he sees the families of his seafarers improving after given chances in Global Radiance, it brings him great joy for him too, especially when they are doing well under his employ.

Mr. Siddiqui shares that his family was very blessed, with his children doing well in their studies here, and his wife being able to work in a good position in the healthcare industry. Being a former director in V-ships and establishing the offshore department, he decided to strike off on his own and establish a company of his own after many years of hard work. Always putting in more than the needed effort, a promotion to Mr. Siddiqui does not feel any different in terms of work rate. He also treats every job he has as his own business, driving him to perform to the best of his ability. With his own company, Mr. Siddiqui has more freedom to pursue his aims, such as charity.

Global Radiance aims to create jobs, train quality seafarers, and serve the industry. He feels that the company needs to leave a good generation to continue their legacy. Mr. Siddique also wants Global Radiance to develop that generation to provide ship owners who may have been cheated in the past with good quality service and transparency. Global Radiance’s growth scales with the number of ships they service, and has been growing over the years with more manpower from five to sixty, and has more companies associated with the Global Radiance name through their many services. Although they have toeholds in foreign lands, and expansion affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Siddique aims to seek opportunities to expand more when the global situation improves.

In order to maintain the company’s efficiency, KPIs are set, and bonuses are set and awarded based on the staff’s performance. Mr. Siddique also does team-building exercises and activities such as during their trips overseas, in order to foster closer bonds and teamwork.

Mr. Siddique credits his success to passion, his faith, transparency, and his relationship management be it staff or clients. He shares that one of his senior staff chose to seek an opportunity during the start of the pandemic, and Mr. Siddique handled the smooth transition between his former colleague and the new employee taking over. While other managers might feel betrayed after years of service and help, Mr. Siddique shares that good opportunities are chances to be taken, and has always believed that no one staff would cause an entire company to fail. Global Radiance was also in a partnership with Bangladesh’s shipping authorities, taking up a project of development in China and training the staff involved.  Mr. Siddique is also in talks with the Pakistani Government for the revival of Pakistan’s shipping industry, and although the idea was well received, the time has not come yet for the country to implement the plan.

Mr. Siddique maintains that how they retain clients is by their services, such as the maintenance of the ships, as well as training of their staff. In the same vein, Global Radiance’s publicity is through their performance, and eventually good works will be shared through word-of-mouth.
Mr. Siddique shares that some proud moments by Global Radiance was being able to salvage a vessel and make it seaworthy under the company’s name, and turning a client’s company on the verge of bankruptcy profitable after taking over last year. They also managed to turn a new ship-owner’s business from one ship to three, growing it quickly in a few years. Global Radiance also works on a policy of transparency, working to understand their clients’ needs.

As the pandemic measures loosen globally, Global Radiance is poised to grow and expand as maritime trade and shipbuilding meets global demands. With projects in the works, Global Radiance’s under Mr Siddequi looks bright, and prepared to continue serving the community.

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