Halobe: SME Excellence Business Award and Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs 2022/2023

Director Kylie Ng, who is a mother of 3, founded Halobe.sg. The name HALOBE is a combination of her daughters’ names – HAliey, LOvelle and PhoeBE.

Kylie struggled with work, spending time with her family, and keeping her body in check. This insurmountable task led her to scour the market and look for the best and safest products to help her achieve her goals. Her years of experience with beauty products have garnered insight into industry secrets and leaked formulas, cutting out all the gimmicks and placebos that not just waste time and money, but also putting your health at risk. Products listed on Halobe.sg are carefully curated and personally tested by the Director as well as her team, in order to bring the best and most effective products to our clients. If it works for her, it can work for you too. As an online beauty store, Halobe brings in products from different brand that are suitable for mothers and ladies, ranging from supplements and make ups to beauty products and apparels.

They developed their own magnetic eyelashes called Femme Fatale and are set to launch their own apparels business in 2 months time that sells family outfit & couple tee which which they designed from scratch.

Unlike other online beauty stores, all the supplement products that Halobe is selling go through a patented process which improves their absorbtion rate drastically, meaning to say they are more effective even at a lower quanity. They use top quality organic ingredients without added chemicals, artificial colouring and flavours .

Your body will not be reliant on the products but instead they will help to adjust your body so it can generate the effects naturally. All products are tested and trialed personally by Mrs Ng and the supplements being sold are all crafted by top chemists who are always checking to ensure quality and finding ways to improve the formula.

Halobe assimilates different modes of payment, including instalment plans for customers that prefer, they are also trying to expend into the physical market by having pop-up stores and consignment with beauty salons. Having high quality products with proven results definitely helps Halobe to retain most of its customers, their fast delivery and generous freebies are also loved by many.

Halobe has their own patented hydrolysis and fermentation technology supplement products that have a large pool of successful testimonies. They also have multiple awards on quality and consumption safety.

All of their products are designed with inclusiveness in mind, hence making them suitable for breastfeeding mummies and diabetic consumers. Their clothing design are also unique and cute making it suitable for families and couples.

The products that Halobe bring in from other brands have fix retail prices and costs for their distributors. This makes it easy for them as they do not have to worried about the selling price because they will always choose the one with the highest quality while maintaining a low price in order to achieve a win-win situation for both the customers and distributors like themselves. As for the apparels that they are selling, they’ve negotiated with the supplier to bring the price down while maintaining a high quality design.

In order to ensure operational efficiency, Halobe ensures that all orders are packed and delivered as soon as possible. Immediately after an order is made, they will pack and label the products to be shipped the following day, and for customers who needs it urgently, they also provide same day deliveries at their preferred timing.

In order to motivate their staffs and maintain good performance, Halobe have incentive programmes that are paid in cash. They used to host monthly huddle sessions before Covid-19, there are also occasional recreational trips to help foster commordarie and boost morales. All resellers will also sign a contract to ensure that none of them is undercutting the selling price and tries to monopolise the market.

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