Established in 2004, Hi-Beau Group Pte Ltd has been one of the pioneers in Singapore’s health, beauty and wellness industries. They deal mostly in the end-to-end development of health supplements from the formulation, sales and marketing, and export of the products.

Upholding their moto “to share quality health products, from our family to yours”, Hi-Beau has grown into an international family of more than 200, ensuring trust, safety and efficacy for their clients.

Since its founding, their expansion plans include, establishing several entities representing different business arms under its umbrella. In Singapore, Hi-Beau products can be found in over 600 point-of-sales in retail pharmacies, major marketplaces, TCM stores and departmental stores.

They have also established overseas partnerships and their products are readily available in 15 major countries including China, USA, Middle East, Malaysia, Europe, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar & the Philippines.

Hi-Beau promises holistic formulas, blending the best ingredients from both eastern and western medicine. Every ingredient is supported by at least three supporting clinical studies, and their internal quality standards are also 20 percent stricter than regulatory standards.

For the care, quality and standards they put into the development in their products, they have received over 80 acclaimed awards. This year, Hi-Beau will be receiving the Singapore Prestige Class Award and the Singapore Consumer Choice Award 2021/2022.

Marketing Manager of Hi-Beau Group, Jasmine Tham

Research and Development

In the early 2000s, the founders of Hi-Beau identified that there very few local health supplements that existed in the market and the existing brands did not meet their standards. Noticing the need for good quality health supplements, the founders set out on a self-discovery journey to research and find identify and procure the best supplement formulations, and this passion eventually evolved into the business that is Hi- Beau today.

All Hi-Beau products draw inspiration from the health concerns that have been experienced by the Hi-Beau’s family, friends and the team. The Pioneer product, AVALON Aloe Multiple Detox was developed by the founder’s desire to find a detox supplement that could help ease their hectic days. The US Clinicals range of supplements were inspired by the founders’ family and the range of health supplements was developed to support both common adult health issues and child growth support.

With capabilities of superb formulation, a quality-controlled lab and pioneer expertise, Hi-Beau has developed over 100 Stock Keeping Units (SKU) of health supplements under their brands (AVALON, US Clinicals, VitaRealmEstalife, NaturoHealth and Singlion). They also specialise in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services for start-up companies and supply raw materials for naturaceutical manufacturers. Hi-Beau has also patented their own Biosculptor Slimming Probiotics that is effective in aiding weight loss.

A Den of Dragons

The dragons in Hi-Beau do not just perch at the top of the tower but exist throughout the organisation. Every voice can take charge of their own tasks and more in order to advance as a corporation. Adapting to constant change and improvements to achieve a collective growth is one of the methods that Hi-Beau constantly pushes to keep ahead of the curve.

They have also developed many internal operational programs and strict quality monitoring, making use of the “House of Lean” principles and framework alongside reporting, analysing and correction where needed.

They have also recently implemented the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework into their organisational structure and intend to apply it to all their business units. The benefit of this framework puts more focus on results that matter, increased transparency within the organisation, and better strategic alignment. OKR achieves this by organising employees and the work they do around achieving common objectives. The framework includes several rules which help employees prioritise, align and measure the outcome of their efforts.

OKR has helped to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, moving the organisation from an output-based to an outcome-based work approach.

Quality and Ease of Access

With the growing overseas demand for health supplements from Singapore and the expansion of production capabilities, Hi-Beau has moved away from the traditional field. Since 2013, they have built a strong online presence with E-Commerce being one of the core business units today. Their success on this platform can be seen through their best-seller statuses on various online platforms.

With both the online and offline platform together with more than 600 points of sales, Hi-Beau has been able to outreach both nation-wide and globally. They take great pride in providing support through the product supply providing versatile, compliant laboratory services. Their suppliers and manufactures also follow international quality standards and all products undergo extensive testing for purity, stability, quality and quantity of ingredients.

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