HiVAR Studio: Top 50 Interior Design Awards 2022/2023


Architecture has come a long way since the Digital Age came into effect. The use of computers has been proven to be of great help to architects and designers, giving them the ability to project their ideas and creativity.

Nowadays, architects and designers possess the ability to project visualizations through animations, augmented reality (AR) and virtual tours, giving clients the ability to ‘walk’ through a concept design as if it was a finished product. This allows clarity and precision when it comes to exterior and interior design, and clear communication between client and service provider as the design process continues on.


Founded in September of 2019 by Anuj and Suchi, HiVAR Studio is an award winning visualization and interior styling firm focused on 3D exterior and interior renderings, interior design, as well as providing BIM services.

The name ‘HiVAR’ came from

H — Harmony | Hospitality | Home

I — Incredible | Interior

VAR — Versatile | Artistic | Remarkable and Virtual Augmented Reality.

HiVAR was established when Anuj and Suchi decided to build visualisation and interior firm that provided a unique twist to the client when it came to visualise and design. Working as a team, the two business partners complemented each other’s strengths with their unique skills.

Anuj’s background lay in entrepreneurship, as well as doing international trade in commodities. He possesses an MBA in International Business, and also has a strong history in human resources, being involved with it for about a decade.

Meanwhile, Suchi has been in the architectural field for nearly two decades, including ten years in Jacob’s, a Fortune 500 company. Not limited to simply architectural expertise, she also handled multi-million-dollar projects in the pharmaceutical and chemicals fields before choosing to set up HiVAR with Anuj to express her talent in the fields of architecture.


When it comes to initial challenges for the business, they include the cost of hiring manpower, the workload given to their available staff, and managing local and global talents with multiple projects running concurrently during and even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it was through tackling these problems and not allowing themselves to be burdened that allowed HiVAR to overcome these challenges.

Today, HiVAR manages a decent sized team globally with talented, hard- working architects and designers that are flexible as well as adaptable to newer challenges everyday.


In order to maintain the quality of their work, HiVAR focuses on excellent customer service, delivering assignments within the deadline, and working within the client’s budget. Additional services include scope evaluation where clients can save costs by avoiding tasks which are not required.


Over the years, Suchi has built a strong rapport with contractors, working with them for nearly half a decade with a strong mutual relationship. She shares that by giving them clear instructions and expectations from the start, the contractors are more open-minded and willing to resolve any issues quickly to meet deadlines.


Some of HiVAR‘s proudest projects so far include designing a two-storey Penthouse in a brand new condominium where space was extremely limited. The client approached several interior designers and most of them proposed loft design, while Suchi came up with a proposal where the design of the house could accommodate both the space constraints while maintaining the owner’s design wishes of keeping the ceiling height which they paid so much extra for.

As for the rendering department, HiVAR was actually involved in designing a retirement village in Scotland, which the local media covered quite extensively.


Anuj shares that he has a personal goal to reach with HiVAR which fuels his passion and desire to tap into the growing number of opportunities. Suchi believes in building up herself as a reputable service provider, and that drives her to provide consistent quality results for the clients.

HiVAR hopes to enter the corporate work space industry in the future, as well as partnering with larger architects and real estate groups for their rendering services. HiVAR also shares that clients are trending toward eco-friendly and sustainable designs, and vintage and contemporary designs are slowly taking over the current trend of minimalism.


When it comes to learning from experience, who better to give us advice than those who are on the journey to success? Here are some advice from the co- founders for budding entrepreneurs: to always work hard, set clear goals, do plenty of research before entering a field and expect to face challenges along the way.

Anuj emphasises not taking shortcuts to overcome obstacles, and Suchi points to building a strong relationship with clients where they are not only able to accept any errors which can be rectified quickly but also prove to be a referral source for new clients moving forward.

Despite a lot of challenges and hiccups, HIVAR has come a long way with teamwork, perseverance and sheer grit. We wish them a very good luck in their future endeavours.

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