HVAC Engineering: SME Excellence Business Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

HVAC Engineering is Singapore’s top specialist decontamination company, delivering professional sanitizing solutions. HVAC aims to protect people from the harmful influence of poor hygiene standards by providing an extensive choice of high-quality services tailored to their customers. They ensure a high level of hygiene and eliminate any hazardous situations without risk to human health, offering a wide range of specialist decontamination services for commercial offices, schools, medical facilities and hospitals.

As the director of Operations, Sales & Marketing, Mr Raveen Thedj focuses on decontamination, disinfection and Indoor Air Quality Management as their primary business scope. Apart from the services offered, Raveen Thedj has also spearhead HVAC to develop the following chemicals, Active Clean, Active Mold Control, Active Mold Control Lite which has all been approved by NEA. Active Shield Protection Technology uses a proprietary compound to keep surfaces protected for 90 days when coated on any surface, microbes or mold spores landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact. It’s effective against bacteria, fungus and even coronavirus.

HVAC has also developed Allure UVC Air Sterilizers and Hybrid 360 Air Purifiers. As of right now, the Managing Director of HVAC, Mr Selva Kumar, has no plans to operate internationally and doesn’t have any franchise overseas.

Before founding HVAC , Mr Selva Kumar was a microbiologist by profession has been testing indoor air quality for clients who faced poor air quality issues. Mr Kumar began providing free consultation for decontamination solutions to obtain better result. At that point he realized that decontamination works have to be carried out with excellence based on the consultation provided. That was when he decided to start his own establishment, to be an integrated solutions provider of environmental services centred on detailed consultancy, logical methodology and service excellence.

As Raveen Thedj has the basic understanding for the demand for IAQ, he focused on implementation of business strategies that would align to their vision, which is detailed consultancy, logical methodology and service excellence. As compared to other companies which offers quick fix solutions, HVAC aims to provide customers with long term solutions tailored to their specified needs to ensure that their problem has been resolved completely. Despite the longer time they took, customers have nothing but good reviews for them due to their quality work.

At HVAC, Raveen Thedj makes it his utmost priority to provide customers with long-term or permanent solutions tailored to the specific needs, challenges and problems of their customers. They aim to be an integrated solutions provider of environmental services, centered on detailed consultancy, logical methodology and service excellence. With the commitment to excellence and continued time investment on their clients, they seek to become a leading brand name in providing quality air to breathe.

Mr Kumar is currently researching on Monkey Pox disinfection methods and Raveen is currently expanding HVAC services to crime scene decontamination and disaster restoration services, they are also in the works of setting up a Bio-Medical Waste plant in Tuas. They currently have branches in India and are in progress of expending into Australia. Apart from expending their business worldwide, HVAC engineering also works with Non Profitable Organizations to carry out decontamination and disinfection works for victims of natural disasters. Mr Kumar attributes the success of HVAC engineering to having a team of passionate leaders like Mr Raveen who produces quality works and are motivated with service excellence mindset, in a world where everything changes constantly, they are motivated to understand and resolve the challenges faced by their customers.

“In order to establish a successful company, you have to believe in what you do, you have to love what you do, you need to have passion and drive to do what you love.” – Raveen Thedj, Director of Operation, Sales & Marketing HVA

Some of HVAC Engineering’s achievements include:

  1. Top 10 Best Mold Removal Services in Singapore – accredited by Best In Singapore.
  2. Singapore’s Finest – Services
  3. Top 5 Highest-Rated Disinfection Services in Singapore (based on Google review)
  4. Number one for Top 15 Best Companies for Disinfection in Singapore
  5. 1 of 8 disinfection companies responsible for vessel disinfection. (recognized by NEA)

Unlike other disinfection companies whereby most of their founders are businessmen, Mr Kumar started as a microbiologist and the company has their own laboratory within their premise to analyze and provide solution for any problems they may face. They want to provide a better environment for everyone to live and work in, they try to put themselves in their customers shoes in order to produce detailed consultancy reports for them to understand their methodology and proof of concept. Raveen Thedj is constantly looking into possible ways to improve the experience of their customers and reduce the workload of their team, they will make sure to take all risks into consideration when carrying out any tasks. He focuses on providing long term solutions and conduct frequent testing to show the rate of results deteriorating and suggest a better solution that would last longer. Despite HAVC having their own in house microbiologist and access to their own laboratory, they lack marketing skills to advertise themselves in the digital world.

Mr Kumar and his team is currently working on developing new technologies to combat any new virus or disease outbreak. Despite their constant efforts, they are still having trouble hiring local manpower as Singaporeans are not keen in joining the industry and many trained personals are joining their competitors instead. At HVAC, they formulate their solutions based on the specific problems of their customers, hence they are unable to produce accurate price quotes prior to any consultation. In order to ensure operational efficiency, they have their own team to monitor operational efficiency and provide weekly and monthly reports that include cross training, refresher course, travel time, downtime, equipment maintenance frequency and chemical formulation frequency. Mr Raveen is proud to have created a vibrant and energetic work space in their office, which allows their team to meet, collaborate and build bonds.

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