iAM Health: Singapore Prestige 100 Award and Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2023/2024

iAM Health, founded by Dr. Cheryl Yeo in 2018, is a health supplement company that aims to use cellular nutrition to help people improve their health. Since its founding, iAM Health has expanded its services to include selling their very own health supplements featuring patented probiotic strains, as well as holding private consultations and organising public education seminars on nutrition-related topics.

Dr. Cheryl Yeo, who holds a Ph.D. in food science and nutrition, spent years researching on metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. She was inspired to start iAM Health after the realisation that many medical solutions offered today serve only to control symptoms but do little to improve actual overall health. As the late Dr Linus Pauling once said, “Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”. Through iAM Health, Dr. Cheryl Yeo is committed to using cellular nutrition to bring about health transformation through the research and development of high-quality health supplements.

To differentiate from its competitors, iAM Health has also been the first to bring in specialized and patented probiotic strains, such as L.reuteri for tackling stomach infections, L.sakei for managing allergies, and B.animalis for supporting weight management.

Like every other entrepreneur, Dr. Cheryl Yeo has not been spared from some daunting challenges. At the start of her entrepreneurship journey, her company faced issues such as a lack of brand awareness, which resulted in low consumer traffic and sales. To overcome this, her team has been focusing on digital marketing and using online marketing channels such as Instagram and Facebook to gain market presence for iAM Health. She also educates the public on social media, where she gives general health tips and explains the benefits of her products through a series of engaging, easy-to-understand videos.

Dr Cheryl Yeo, Founder of iAM Health

As iAM Health develops, Dr. Cheryl Yeo is already setting in place new plans for the company. Apart from their very own patented probiotics supplements, iAM health is concurrently looking into researching and developing health products that make use of herbs and micronutrients. With their strengths and expertise in nutritional science, iAM Health is also regularly commissioned by other brands to design and customize health products based on their individual needs.

For Dr. Cheryl Yeo, success is about personal growth and making connections with other people. She also recognises success as a process of continually evolving and never stagnating. So far, iAM Health has successfully achieved a growing presence both locally and internationally, and their team is also growing stronger, united by a common mission of creating a healthier world.

Success for Dr. Cheryl Yeo also translates to seeing tangible improvements in her clients’ health and receiving positive testimonials and constructive feedback. Knowing that her products have immensely benefited her clients brings her an unexplainable sense of fulfilment. Driven by both passion and ambition, Dr. Cheryl Yeo believes that iAM Health will continue to soar to greater heights, making healthier days ahead possible for more people.

In terms of management, iAM Health does not believe in micro-managing their staff. The focus might be on achieving the company’s goals of creating the best products possible, but this is never done at the expense of their staff’s well-being. The company prefers to adopt a flexible approach with regards to working style and working hours, creating an atmosphere of trust amongst staff. Company plans are also drawn up in discussion with all the key stakeholders, instead of being dictated from top-down.

Finally, it is one of iAM Health’s core beliefs that many lifestyle or degenerative diseases can be prevented through an early start on nutritional therapy. Dr. Cheryl Yeo believes that supplementary nutrients are absolutely essential for good health in these modern times. Drugs might be a good stop-gap measure that can be used to manage symptoms, but supplementary nutrients can nourish our body at the cellular level and improve our immune health, tackling the root of most of our health problems and giving us the best chance at achieving optimal health. With good health, we can then live our best life during our limited time here on earth. We consider that an utterly worthy goal.

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