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Founder and Owner of Inspizone, Mr. Abhinay Tiwari

Today’s fast-moving economy is largely thanks to the ever- upgrading technologies, systems and methods that are constantly under development. COVID-19 has been one of the major reasons in recent years that people have lost their jobs, but the bigger reason is that people do not upgrade their skills. Furthermore, with corporations moving in the direction of having one person take on multiple tasks with streamlined operations to cut costs, the need to prove themselves is extremely high. The best solution to this is to constantly upgrade and stay ahead of the curve.

Established in 2012, Inspizone Pte Ltd was established by Mr. Abhinay Tiwari to create an inspiring zone for students from all walks of life to be able to learn, upgrade and grow to the best of their potential and beyond. As an exclusive professional training provider specialising in Training and Human Capital Development, of both management and technical skills. They offer training and learning lab for Office Productivity, IT Course, Project Management, Creative Suite and Finance Courses.

They train their students with hands-on exercises where participants gain confidence over complicated tasks in order to solve problem and automate daily tasks in their work lives. Training is specifically aimed at increasing productivity, performance and profitability across almost all industries and markets.

For their resilience and their dedication to both their craft and their students, Inspizone Pte Ltd will be receiving the Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022 and the Top Business Service and Quality Award 2021/2022.

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

Mr. Abhinay has always had a passion for teaching, and his lifelong dream had always been to open a training centre. He started as a software development engineer in 2003 in India and later came to Singapore in 2007. In 2012, he made the decision to start a training centre, and started operations in a small room which is where Inspizone began. As they got bigger and expanded their courses to multiple competencies in Marketing, Technical, Softskill and accounting skills, they have expanded their offices over time, and the number of courses they taught also grew quickly.

Initially, a lot of issues arose following the company’s founding, but this did not stop Mr. Abhinay and his team at Inspizone from persevering ahead. Timing also played a key role in overcoming a lot of their difficulties, and “Where there is a will, there is a way. I have managed to build a really strong team and made some good investments to become what we are today.”

Now Inspizone become a known brand in corporate trainings. Inspizone has also conducted classes in collaboration with many government agencies and fortune 500 companies. Many of the Universities and banks around Singapore have also engaged them for their corporate and individual training.

They have plans to create a segment for people who are jobless or are in the low wage category. These people can come to them, and they will provide training for them so that they can upgrade their own vertical and improve their work situation. They have also been collaborating with recruitment centres so that while we provide them with training, we can forward their resumes to these recruitment centres and help them to find a job.

Services Orientated Training

Inspizone runs a very service orientated ship. Their trainings are structured so that participants understand what they are learning, and why they are learning it. Even before students start their course, they make sure that they understand the competency of the students before tailoring their recommendations to them so that their students can get the best out of the courses that they attend. All their courses are split into several levels so that students can join the courses at the level that fits them best from the time they start their lessons.

The team at Inspizone have a very focused mindset and strong marketing skills and this provides them with the competitive edge. Furthermore, to upgrade their students, the need to stay current is also important, and the staff are always looking for new ways to improve themselves and constantly staying ahead of the ever-growing curve.

The dedication from his staff is something that Mr. Abhinay is extremely grateful for, and he always values their input “We always discuss with the team to ask them about the improvements that we can make to improve the quality and how the company can grow. All our staff participate actively in this, and we make use of the feedback that we get to improve the quality for both our staff and our students”

It is the dedication to their goals that has gotten them to where they are today and is what has helped them through the pandemic. Like most corporations, they took a big hit because of COVID-19, and they understood that as a training centre where everyone came to learn, the underlying fear of the spread of the virus was high. Like most learning centres, Inspizone had tried to move their operations online, but this did not take off as well as they had hoped. They found that physical training courses were more popular because students felt that they got more out of the practical courses as opposed to online training courses.

To adapt to this, they implemented safety precautions to comply to the rules of the government, and to ensure the safety of the students that attended their courses, one of the more obvious measures was the installation of acrylic walls to separate the students.

Global Expansion

Mr. Abhinay’s ambition is “to spread knowledge to professionals, especially to those that really need the skill development. Skill development is one of the key factors to progressing in a career.”

This ties in with Inspizone’s main objective to grow the brand globally, which would allow them to expand their reach to countries outside of Singapore and share their knowledge to more people. The fastest way to achieve this would have been through franchising.

However, the pandemic has put a damper on these plans as the borders closed and they had to stay focused on the Singapore market. With the easing of restrictions globally, Inspizone plans to continue their efforts to grow internationally, and have even received enquiries from countries like Dubai and Malaysia.

Inspizone has conducted international trainings, but because they have not yet established entities in different countries, they continue to strive and work hard to achieve their goal of international expansion. They have the confidence to reach the global platform, and it is for that reason that they continue to push themselves to achieve this goal. “Our goals were halted because of the global pandemic, but we are now trying to build it back up”

They have also constructed an Edutech solution so that people globally can join them online from different countries which would allow to expand globally in more than one way. The system has already been built but has not been implemented and is part of the plans that Inspizone intends to roll out with their international expansion plans.

With wider audience coverage and the continuous upgrading plans, Inspizone has aligned with Government’s objectives to up-skill and re-skill the local workforce.

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