Juzz Performance: Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022

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Khairil Anwar, Founder & Owner (second from the right) and his family

Experience Spanning Over Two Decades

Juzz Performance is a one-stop solution car servicing and maintenance provider. Specialising in German marques such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and more, they provide an array of services ranging from repair, maintenance, legal modification,  tuning, grooming, to accident claims and accessories. The company was founded in November 2015 by Khairil Anwar, who has had more than 20  years of experience handling continental cars. “I had always wanted to become an entrepreneur,”  says  Anwar.  “So when the opportunity came and my friend offered me to join his business in the same industry, I decided to give it a go.” The partnership then ended in 2019, when Anwar fully acquired the company.

Juzz Performance prides itself in its extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and wide range of services. Anwar’s years of previous experience working with BMW certainly gives him an edge. “We offer very similar services to what customers can get from authorized dealers, but at a fraction of the cost,” he shares. Running his own business also allows Anwar to go the extra mile for his customers and build more personal rapport with them. “Over here at Juzz Performance, we offer a flexible approach to best meet our clients’ needs, while keeping the prices competitive,” explains Anwar. To him, the premium services that they offer, coupled with the cozy and clean workshop, allows customers to have the dealership experience at a pocket-friendly cost.

Khairil Anwar, Founder & Owner

A Premium Experience at Pocket-Friendly Price

Starting a business is not an easy feat, and Anwar had to face his fair share of challenges in the early days. “One of the biggest challenges was definitely sourcing for the right manpower and building a solid team. Some things just take time. I am very grateful for the team that we have right now, many of them whom I actually know from my previous job,” he says. “We also had to build a name for ourselves from scratch and deal with clients who were skeptical of our capabilities. On top of that, learning how to manage finances and realising all the operational and hidden costs involved in running a business were also a learning curve for us at the beginning.”

To make themselves stand out from competitors, Anwar and his team always go the extra mile in everything they do. Juzz Performance also offers value-added services such as vehicle pickup, which provides customers with convenience and flexibility. They also provide additional preventative maintenance advice to their clients, as well as give frequent updates and progress photos via Whatsapp for customers’ ease of mind. “We also offer a 1-year warranty for most of our services, to show that we are confident in the quality of our work, as well as the spare parts that we use. This is not a common industry practice, so the additional warranty really helps to boost our client’s trust in us,” Anwar further shares.

Over the years, their services speak for themselves, as Juzz Performance is now an established repair workshop that many continental car owners rely upon. The positive reviews on their social media page is also a testament to their hard work and dedication, which Anwar takes pride in. “When our effort is being recognised, it motivates us to perform even better,” he says.

To Anwar, running his own business gives him a sense of satisfaction that working in a corporate setting did not bring him in the past. “It gives me greater control of the company’s direction and better customer engagement. Now I am able to help them save costs and build genuine relationships. It is truly heartening to see our customers turn into friends,” he says.

On Empowerment and Giving Back

Anwar is a strong believer in empowering people to do their job, by recognising their strengths and giving them a degree of trust and independence at work. “We currently have 10 personnel in our team. Every one of them is a good fit for the roles that they are in, and they know exactly what is expected of them,” he says, adding that most of the staff have agent experience. There are also incentive schemes in place, to motivate the staff to better achieve sales targets. “As for underperforming staff, a simple verbal warning is usually enough to help them get back on track.” Anwar adds that when it comes to team expansion, a positive attitude is a non-negotiable quality that he would look for in potential candidates. “I have seen staff with poor attitudes negatively affect their colleagues, so having the right mindset and attitude is crucial to be a part of the team,” he says.

To Anwar, the term ‘success’ equals happiness. “Success is measured by what one does at play. For me personally, my passion has always been the automotive industry. So to be able to own and drive the car of my dreams allows me to enjoy my passion in life. I also hope to be able to pass on this legacy to my family one day,” he says. On top of that, Anwar also cares about giving back to the community. Other than the different CSR efforts by the company, he has also been involved with non-profit organisations that provide meals for the needy. A portion of the company’s monthly sales also goes to charity.

Sharing his foresight about the industry trend, Anwar believes that we will see many more electric vehicles (EV) on the road in the near future. “With the new development of EVs, it changes the landscape of automotive worldwide, not only in the European region but also in Singapore. Today we still see only a handful of EVs due to the limited charging stations available, because it will take a while for the government to build the necessary infrastructure across the island. But no doubt that it will be the future, particularly due to pressing environmental reasons,” he says. “When people think of EVs, they mostly think of newer brands such as Tesla. But even prestige car manufacturers such as Porsche have already gotten into EVs as well. To keep up with the changing trend, we also have to adapt by adding products to our inventory with battery-charging capabilities,” shares Anwar.

To young aspiring entrepreneurs, Anwar highly encourages them to start their own venture. “First, you must know what is your passion, or what is the industry that you want to get into. Once you know that, do all the research and gain as much experience as you can. Do not jump into it blindly without any form of experience, because experience is truly the best teacher,” he says. Anwar advises aspiring entrepreneurs not to shy away from working for someone else or in a corporate setting, if that means they get to learn the ins and outs of the business, as that will better prepare them for the real deal. As to at which point they should make the switch from being an employee to starting their own business, Anwar shares that there are three things to consider: level of financial commitment, timing/opportunity, as well as market situation. “There is no perfect timing, but you just have to seize the opportunity as it comes. Also, be willing to put in the hard work and persevere until you achieve the results that you want,” he concludes.

For more information on Juzz Performance, please visit their website at https://juzzperformance.com.sg/. You may also contact them at 6385 0303 or send email enquiries to anwar@juzzperformance.com.sg.

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