MAXICABS.SG®: SME Excellence Business Award 2021/2022

Maxicabs01 20212022
Maxicabs01 20212022

Founder and Owner of MAXICABS.SG®, Mr. Howard Teow

A limousine service provides a safe and comfortable means of transport, especially if you are visiting the country for the first time and require escorted service for the duration of your stay in this cosmopolitan city.

Established by Mr. Howard Teow in2016, MAXICABS.SG® was established to be a safe and seamless transportation partner providing excellent limousine services right to their client’s doorstep. They have continually upgraded and diversified their services to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers and pride themselves in the customized services that they expertly craft for their patrons.

MAXICABS.SG® Limousine Services pride themselves as one of the safest travel companions both in Singapore and Malaysia. Be it a tourist looking to get round the island or a business professional seeking professional services for their clients who need to get around, MAXICABS.SG® is always ready to provide fast, reliable booking to provide a quality ride for their clients’ needs within a sixty-second time frame.

They provide accessible transportation services across Singapore and Malaysia with quality cars and professional chauffeurs. Their fitting combination of comfortable and convenient limousine services are exactly what you need to get to enhance your travel experience be it for business or entertainment.

Their excellent service record and the positive feedback from their customers are proof of their dedication to their clients and quality of their service. For their outstanding business practices and their dedication to their service, MAXICABS.SG® will be receiving the SME Excellence Business Award 2021/2022 and the Top Business Service and Quality Award 2021/2022.

One-Stop Transportation Service

Mr. Howard started out as a Maxicab driver under Comfort Delgro. After working with them for several years, from the experience he had garnered, he decided that there could be a market for a premier level of transport service. For that reason, he decided to step out into the industry for himself and this was how the business was born in 2016.

As a former taxi driver himself, Mr. Howard had a vision for the direction he wanted the company’s growth and the kind of services he wanted to provide to his clients. He understood the need for hassle-free transportation and wanted to provide accessible and practical travel options.

His desire to provide a one-stop transportation service and ensure that whoever engaged his company service, be it transportation or VIP concierge service, would be able to recognize him and the services that his company can provide. As a client-orientated person and someone who values customer service, Mr. Howard wanted to be able to do the best he could for each of his clients.

Manpower was a problem when he first started the business, as he started the company as a one-man outfit. Over time, he created system by forming an alliance with drivers who had their own vehicles but were unsure about how to go about marketing their services. By joining with MAXICABS.SG® platform, the drivers gained wider access to acquire clients and obtain new contracts. It is through this method that Mr. Howard was able to expand his crew of more than 50 drivers that are always ready to be deployed 24/7.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with Singapore’s 2030 sustainability plan, by June2022, MAXICABS.SG® are planning to purchase more electric vehicles and open charging stations within their facility that are available for use by the public. They do not intend to franchise the business concept, but they do intend to expand the business further. They have expanded their business to Malaysia and there are plans to roll out their services in Indonesia soon.

MAXICABS.SG® are also collaborating with some non-profit organisations (NPO) and non-governmental organisations(NGO) in Singapore towards outreaching community services.

They provide heavily discounted rates for people who engage their services if they are NGOs, NPOs or charity services. In fact, organisations such as Soles4Souls have officiallyaccepted MAXICABS.SG® as their preferred partner for all transportation and logistics services. MAXICABS.SG®️ ®️ lists them as a beneficiary, donating a portion of their yearly sales proceed to help the needy, the poor and vulnerable both locally and regionally, and would often arrange free campaign services for them if they organise any events with MAXICABS.SG® *T&C applies. Apart from that, MAXICABS.SG® continues to send out-reach proposals to places like old folk’s homes, children society and other charity organization.

“We do not want to run the business as a profit on our own, but giving back to the community and society is part ofMAXICABS.SG® Corporate Social Responsibility Goal.”

Dedicated Service Tailored to Each Client

Limousines are amongst the most luxurious mode of transportation to get around the island comfortably. The limousine services provided by MAXICABS.SG® are an experience tailored to each client’s needs be it for business, entertainment or personal use. They provide everything from airport transfer, daily and hourly booking, personal concierge, and business limousine services.

Mr. Howard has built MAXICABS.SG® based on several core values. They ensure that the quality of the services and vehicles are always in top shape before taking on any client. The safety and comfort of their customers are their top priority, and they serve each client with efficiency, ensuring that all their drivers follow a strict standard operating procedure, punctuality without compromising on their quality of the service is what MAXICABS.SG® live up to. They have worked hard to become the most trusted and accessible transport service provider in Singapore and Malaysia have built their credibility by constantly evolving their core values to deliver nothing but the best to each of their customers.

The staff at MAXICABS.SG® put in effort to provide reliable transport services to a wide range of customers. They pay a keen interest in their customers’ needs and always make sure to deliver the best luxury transport services at an affordable price with no discrimination right from the start to the end.

They provide a wide range of services to their clients, including planning and customizing sightseeing trips for tourists visiting the country and locals who wants to learn more about Singapore. Their commitment and dedication to ensuring that all their clients, including tourists, can travel in comfortably and safely in Singapore and Malaysia is what sets them apart from others in the industry.

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