MEDSCI RESEARCH & SUPPLY PTE LTD: SME Excellence Business Award & Aspiring Woman Entrepreneur Award 2022/2023

MedSci Research & Supply Pte Ltd is a distributor of medical diagnostic and research equipment with a focus on neurology, neurodiagnostic, orthopaedic and neuroscience. The company provides its cutting-edge technology to top lab technicians and surgeons in hospitals, medical centres, and higher research centres in Singapore. Aside from its products, MedSci’s comprehensive customer service, which includes product operation training and expeditious support services, ensures that the operation of its medical devices is always as seamless and as problem-free as possible. The company was established in 2015 by Vanessa Ang and Dr Fan Jie, both of whom possess years of experience in the medical industry.  Vanessa  was more involved in marketing, particularly  with business development and sales, and she had close contacts with leading medical device manufacturers around the globe.

“Time is of the essence in the medical field,” says Vanessa. “Medical equipment cannot afford to have significant downtime, as a prolonged delay ultimately has disastrous consequences for a patient. Thus, it is imperative that MedSci is selective of the equipment that we distribute, and we ensure that the equipment gets repaired quickly, with the right expertise and support from the manufacturers.”

Supplying products is the simple part – but when something goes wrong with them, how will the customer receive the help they  need?  Vanessa and Dr Fan share a vision of a local sales company that is more than just a distributor, ensuring that its clients receive all the necessary training and post-sales support services required  to  operate its medical devices with utmost confidence.

MedSci was founded to fulfill this vision, and soon after, many of the top hospitals and medical  professionals across the country became well-acquainted with the company’s quality products and excellent service. By equipping the MedSci team with up-to-date technical knowledge and manufacturers’ training, MedSci differentiates itself by being wholly based in Singapore, by being near to the client, and by providing timely response and assistance within the shortest time window.

The vast expertise of Vanessa and her team is a large reason for MedSci’s success, and the efficiency of their work is something to admire, especially when considering that they are a mere group of five. The highly specialised nature of the business means that finding the right candidates to join the team is difficult, but the current group more than makes up for it with its flexibility and ability to multitask – although there are no fully-defined roles for each team member, they all understand how to work towards a common goal and can fill in for each other when necessary. Vanessa herself oversees this complex operation and, understanding the importance of good logistics, ensures a smooth process in meeting a committed delivery schedule. Medsci Logistics was established in 2019 with experienced team members who take on proactive measures to minimise any delay or disruption, especially with regards to the delivery arrangement that meets the clients’ and medical institute’s SOP requirement. She understands the challenges, and how timely information and efficient communication is critical to clearing roadblocks, especially with the constant changes in delivery protocols in response to the COVID safety measures.

As MedSci grows from strength to strength, the company’s portfolio in terms of its range of products continues to expand, and they have been recognised as one of the major players in the medical equipment field, especially in the neurodiagnostic fields. Its products are utilised in the neurology divisions of most hospitals in all three public healthcare clusters, namely: National University Health System, National Healthcare Group and Singhealth, as well as privately owned hospitals and medical centres. The equipment that it supplies is also used for research in major universities such as Nanyang Technological University and the National Institute of Education.

Despite these successes, the way Vanessa defines success is solely focused on providing the best products and services for the customers. “We are always striving to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products. That will benefit medical establishments in facilitating a quicker diagnosis, thus helping to reduce the patient’s waiting agony and pain,” states Vanessa. “Bringing leading technologies into Singapore to improve the effectiveness of our medical field is where our true success lies.”

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