Mirage Aesthetic: Aspiring Woman Entrepreneur Award 2020/2021


The Ticket to the Perfect You

Founded by Mika Hayashi and Sean Tan, Mirage Aesthetic Pte Ltd first opened its doors in 2016. One of the leading aesthetic centres in Singapore, we congratulate Mirage Aesthetic Pte  Ltd for being ranked as the Top 10 winners of the Singapore Prestige Class Award 2020/2021. In addi­tion, Mika Hayashi was also awarded the Woman Entrepreneur Award 2020/2021.

Having three botanically-themed outlets across Singapore,  Mirage’s very first outlet is located at Tanglin, with two subsequent outlets opening at Westgate and Scotts Square Orchard.

At Mirage Aesthetic, customers are always the top priority. Bringing in the latest Korean aesthetic technology, combined with spe­cialised skincare products, Mirage Aesthet­ ic’s mission is to create the perfect custom­ised solution for all their customers’ skin types.

Mirage’s signature services include its RF Nano Crystallize Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment, helping your tired skin, regain its youth and moisture while their Instant Korea BB Glow Treatment gives your skin the highly coveted radiant and glowing com­plexion. Lastly, their super popular LED Teeth Whitening, endorsed by many local celebrities and influencers, helps your teeth achieve up to 8 shades lighter in a single session. All procedures are non-invasive so you do not have to worry about any down­ time.

The Beginning

From a young age, Mika wanted to be a beauty icon. Her humble upbringing helped her devel­ op a resilient mindset at a young age and she was resolute in achieving her dreams.

At 22, she landed her very first job in the aesthetic industry. Despite her beauty and enthusiasm, her peers often made fun of her for lack of finesse in speaking. Instead of wallow­ing in self-pity, this became Mika’s driving force for her own self-growth.

Now, she is not only well-versed in English and Chinese, but she is also able to speak fluently in Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia and several dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese as well.

Mika has impeccable knowledge about her treatments and products, which helps her to give the best advice and recommendations to her customers. She continuously upskills herself in terms of knowledge and hands-on skills and always listens to her customers’ needs and wants. These skill sets made her a highly sought-after aestheti­cian amongst her customers and a role model for her peers.

Mika left her comfort zone to chase her other passion – fashion. She became an entrepreneur at 25  and opened her first fashion bou­ tique. The early  2000s  was the golden age of Japanese fashion and culture. With her keen eye for detail, she hand­ picked clothes in Japan and positioned her startup as a go-to store for Japanese fash­ ion. In less than 8 years, she opened four more outlets across Singapore. This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for Mirage Aesthetic. It provided her with foresight in terms of studying market trends, consumer behaviour and planning resources.

When her business matured, she sold it and began a new chapter in her life – Mirage Aesthetic.

The Birth of Mirage Aesthetic

With the rising popularity of aesthetic procedures and consumer trends for the pursuit of beauty, Mika aspired to open her own aesthetic centre. To further equip herself with skills in the aesthetic field, she travelled to Seoul and studied Korean plastic surgery and cosmetics.

Returning to Singapore after her studies, Mika set her mind to create the perfect aesthetic centre, Mirage Aesthetic Pte Ltd.

It’s All or Nothing

Mika aspires to lead the best aesthetic team to help as many customers as possible in their pursuit of beauty. With only 3 employees initially, Mika and Sean sifted through piles of resumes and conducted countless interviews to assemble her dream team. Today, Mirage Aesthetic has a great team of 40 employees.

Mika is hands-on when it comes to training and marketing. Quality is something that cannot be compromised.

She emphasised the importance of training and orientating her employees. Employees need to feel a sense of belonging and security. Ensuring all new employees are trained, starting from basics like social etiquette, demeanour when speaking to customers, procedures of the treat­ments and product knowledge, are just the first steps. All staff are also required to attend Excel­lence Service Training at least 3 times to ensure top-notch customer service will be provided to customers. She even created an SOP guide at every outlet so that her employees can refer to them whenever they need to.

Over the years, Mirage Aesthetic was featured in magazines like Her World, Bazaar, Woman’s Weekly, Cleo Magazine and Female. Collabora­tions with vendors like banks and insurance com­panies also helped Mirage Aesthetic gain more exposure in the market through their client base.

Mirage  Aesthetic’s most powerful marketing tool is word-of-mouth from their clients. Building a strong relationship with each customer is para­mount and their customer referrals are testament to that. Mirage Aesthetic also has many celebrity patrons and influencers who are returning cus­tomers for their treatments. Having gained recognition in the industry, Mirage Aesthetic has been awarded with 25 different awards till date.

In the Spirit of Service – Your Customers

Mika’s spirit of service differentiates her from her competition. Mika always believed in listening to her clients’ feedback. Through listening, she learnt and improved her services.     This allowed her to establish strong rela­tionships and even friendships with them. Mika and Sean envision Mirage Aesthetic to become a global market leader in customer-centric aesthetic services.

Besides her valued customers, Mika enjoys reaching out to serve the com­munity. She has a soft spot for the elderly and works with charities quar­terly to hand out basic necessities to elderly who are living alone.  These acts of kindness also reiterates the importance of service and strengthens the tight knit bond in the company.

Facing Adversity with Positivity and Faith

In light of the current pandemic situation and on the topic of future challenges for the business, Mika emphasised that no one would know where they would be in the next five years.

“Such uncertainty can be daunting. In order to better prepare for any future challenges, business owners must have good planning for the long-haul. Having a positive mindset is crucial for any business owner. When all is said and done, have faith, since you have already done all you can to prepare for any crisis.”

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