Miss Souei: SME Excellence Business Award & Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2022/2023

Miss Souei,

One of the biggest ecommerce platform that aim to provides all kind of fashion services to customers conveniently, efficiently and in good quality.

The founders,

Ms. Melinda Lee & Ms. Yuki started as a home-based business and now expanded as a official private limited company. From just focusing only in apparels, they move forward to even provide shoes, skincare and also makeup products. Currently, it targets retail sales on online platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Shopee and Instagram to have the opportunity to expand their customers base range to overseas.

In recognition of the quality of their products and dedications to their customers,

Miss Souei will be receiving the SME Excellence Business Award 2022/2023. Additionally, Ms Melinda and Miss Yuki will be also receiving the Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Awards 2022/2023 for their passion and commitment.

How do we start?

Melinda and Yuki always have strong passion for fashion so they decided to explore how to provide better apparels at their own standards.

Both of them been through a period where they are required to wear a plus-sized range clothing and even faced problems in looking clothes for themself. Usually plus-sized clothes tended to be either expensive or plain. Thus, the founders came across an idea to explore further in creativity that were both fashionable and affordable. As such, the company, Miss Souei, was conceived.

Miss Souei’s started their plus-sized apparels with a better quality and priced affordably regardless the factory charge them more cost in producing them. From there, the company grew to what it is today.

Stepping stones that never give them up!

For sure, being a young entrepreneur, Ms. Melinda and Ms. Yuki started all from zero. Faced some difficulties of lacking connections as they did not have any base audiences or the even have the connections required to build a customer base.

Eventually, they gained a substantial customer base through hardwork, ideas of contents and for sure referrals from customers whom had purchased from them online.

The company’s objective is simple, they want to provide a convenient one-stop solution shopping to everyone in the market  regardless online or retail by providing a  large range of fashion apparels and beauty products.

Ms. Melinda and Ms. Yuki envision Miss Souei to be their very own brand with no franchises. Till now, they have grown into a business with seven to eight staffs to handle advertising and customer services. At the same time with a team that handles back-end issues such as customers’ quality of their purchases and also efficiency of their receival. Though the company has only been around for three to four years, but nonetheless, has been so successful within the past two years with their hard work.

Moving forward, they begun to market their own in-house brand of makeup and skincare products other than apparels.

Miss Souei, apart from having these wonderful vantage point of delivering high quality products and efficiency of delivery, the price point at which their products are sold is incredibly affordable. Additionally, they will also cater to customers preference to reach to their expectations of style. Reason why they started their own brand because they wants to be special and also sharing their creativity, mindset of fashion to the society.

Understanding what customer wants

There are many new start up entrepreneurs always engaging professionals to do all the back ends and structure of work. When Ms. Melinda and Ms. Yuki first started this business, they personally engaged in all enquiries, from studying what kind of product design etc. They always takes ownership of issues and relate immediately. The bonus point to retain their customers on top of all.

as it enables them to understand their needs and room of improvement to provide better satisfactory customer service.

Following up the trend

Ms Melinda said :

“We started this business not because we wants to just do business, we want to share our designs and thoughts to everyone and we really gets very happy when we are gathered together with a group of people whom have the same synergy with us.”

Therefore, Ms Melinda and Ms. Yuki enjoy hosting “LIVE” weekly online in Facebook & other social medias like Tiktok and Shopee in the joy of bringing all their customers together as an entertainment  and  shopping at the same time.

In addition, Ms. Melinda and Yuki have a vision of expanding their company into overseas and they even provide credit card payment to make it easier for overseas customers to pay for their purchases.

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