MSCENTS: SME Excellence Business Award & Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs Award 2022/2023

It’s no secret that fragrance matters to us. It is a huge part of how we experience the products we use and the world at large. For this reason, it’s a deal breaker when it comes to our beauty and personal care products, especially if it’s a product that you leave on the hair and skin or a fragrance that lingers. Many of us have given up products that worked well because we could not stand the smell or because our significant other complained. The fact that fragrance affects not just us but those around us is something we often tend to overlook. As a fragrance house based locally in Singapore, Mscents aim to emulate some of the most beautiful fragrances that are rich, exotic and timeless while striving to provide the highest quality and eco-friendly scenting solutions to optimize health and beauty of any space.

Mscents provide commercial ambient scenting and odor management services. With their wide library of fragrances, one can be assured that their fragrances are holistic, infused with organic and authentically refined pure essential oil with anti-bacterial properties which are 100% safe. All of their scents are made locally in Singapore with TUV, SUD, SGS certifications for quality and integrity assurances.

With the advancement in technology and innovation, consumers now have the choice to diffuse fragrances the way they want it. As Mscents specialises in ambient scenting, they utilizes cold-air diffusion technology which release broken down oils into the HVAC Ducts, sending a consistent and even scent to the desired area. Over the years they have also developed their own home fragrance products that are carefully crafted with scientific research and their knowledge in plant extracts and herbs. Using only the finest natural active ingredients, along with a holistic approach to well-being, their products help restore the natural balance of the body and mind.

Ms. Magdalene, founder of MSCENTS

Ms Magdalene founded Mscents as she has always been interested in starting her own business. Since young, she has been exposed to the business arena and have associated herself with like minded people who are constantly exploring business ideas and tapping on opportunities that come along. The health benefits of essential oils motivated Ms Magdalene to step into the industry, she has since discovered a unique and vast range of essential oils and various types of aromatherapy. Mscents soon developed a wide range of aromatherapy products and focused on exportation to different ASEAN countries. When Mscents was first founded, there was a need in the market for fragrances to be more exposed to Asian consumers and even though perfumes were nothing new in the market, Ms Magdalene wanted to take it further. Fragrance creation is an art and she has always had a liking for fine things like flowers and art. Ms Magdalene and her team knows that fragrance is something that will appeal to the public, they envisioned what the business can bring for them and how it can take them further.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many SME businesses were affected, however this was not the case for Ms Magdalene as she was able to calmly analyse the situation before quickly adjusting her business strategies to cope with the negative effects of this pandemic.

With their years of experience in essential oil and fragrances, Ms Magdalene and her team aims to continue to innovate their products to provide the best scenting solutions for their clients. Mscents is confident they will continue to provide the best scenting solutions for their clients by constantly bringing new innovations to their products. Not only are they focused on improving their business, Ms Magdalene and her team are also determined to ensure they are always providing top notch customer service and satisfaction.

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