Orange Global Pte Ltd: Top 10 Winners SME Excellence Business Award And Top 10 Winners Top Business Service And Quality Award 2022/2023

Orange Global Pte Ltd is a company that is skilled and experienced in traditional building, civil construction, design and build, and project management. It delivers projects with competitive prices and good quality. Its response service is prompt, and the projects are completed on time. Incorporated in Singapore in 2013, it is an exempt private company limited by shares, and is a BCA licensed builder with General Builder Class 1. It has gained the following awards in 2022 alone: Singapore 500 SME, Top Business Service and Quality Award, as well as the SME Excellence Business Award. It has also received the merit certificate for the BCA Green and Gracious Builder Award. The company has obtained the ISO 9001-Quality Management System, and its DP Credit Rating is considered strong.

The company envisions itself to be the leader in providing value-added construction services to its customers, by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. It is committed to building long-term relationships based on: Integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. By delivering its quality services with the most qualified and dedicated people. The company’s pledge is to establish lasting relationships, and to continuously meet the changing needs of its clients.

Orange Global Pte Ltd ensures that the clients’ and all stakeholders’ expectations are fully complied with, and that projects are delivered with a high standard of workmanship in a timely manner. It always uses products and materials that meet or exceed the requirements of the contract documents and ensure that its staff is adequately trained. The company ensures good quality of work to avoid disputes and claims in the process. Delivery of excellence enhances not only the reputation of the client but also of the provider; to the company, there is no competitive disadvantage from being recognised as a provider of quality.

In terms of cost management, the company aims to achieve optimum balance between the benefits expected of a project and the resources expended in its delivery. It provides value for money in construction; that involves completing a project on time, at a cost and a level of quality that meets the clients’ needs. The company ensures that its projects will continue to provide value for money and meet user needs throughout its lifetime. It implements effective cost planning to monitor and control the estimated construction costs of a project to ensure that the client gets accurate information on expenditure and progress at every stage. The company reviews contingency and risk allowances at intervals and takes that into consideration when doing cost planning.

By providing an effective planning strategy to identify all tasks that need to be completed, Orange Global Pte Ltd is able to set milestones based on those tasks. It establishes effective communication among all project participants. The company understands that effective communication is able to ensure that all involved parties will complete the task correctly. It predicts and prepares for unforeseen circumstances based on its experiences, together with the knowledge of its professional teams. By delegating tasks to the right people, the company saves time, minimizes errors, and ensures quality work.

The health, safety and welfare of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors is significantly important to Orange Global Pte Ltd. It has obtained ISO 45001-Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The company strives for excellence in the effective health and safety management of all construction sites under its control. By effectively mitigating all hazards arising from its facilities, activities and site-specific environments, the company complies with all legal obligations, relevant standards and codes of practice with a commitment to develop a culture of safety within the construction industry.

Orange Global Pte Ltd is environmentally conscious; it regards environmental sustainability as everyone’s responsibility, and does its part to be sustainable in its business practices.

It has obtained the ISO 14001-Environmental Management System. The company realises that a commitment to the environment is not just socially responsible, but also good business practice. Its objective is to carry out its operations in a way which manages and minimizes any adverse environmental impact and to prevent any pollution. Orange Global Pte Ltd aims to minimize waste by optimizing the use of supplies and materials and choosing products and methods that are environmentally friendly, and to use tools, products, and materials that promote efficient energy use.

The leadership of the company is incredibly qualified to lead the team. The founder and managing director of Orange Global Pte Ltd was previously a business development director of an established local company. With over twenty years of experience in delivering successful complex building projects, he has a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. He has successfully secured contracts of more than $600 million worth of tendered value, and has graduated from the University of Greenwich, with a Bachelor of Science in quantity surveying, as well as a Master of Science in construction management and economics.

The company engages with many reputable and well-known clients, such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd, and Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd. Many of its clients have given the company high praises and excellent testimonials. According to Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd, ‘[Orange Global Pte Ltd’s] construction team has demonstrated strong skill in planning, project management, high professionalism, diligence, coordination and patient through the construction and completion of the project.’’ Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd, too, has praised Orange Global Pte Ltd, stating, ‘’The team was able to execute issues in a professional manner with the focus on quality, safety and minimal disruption to the building operations.’’

As for upcoming projects, the company has secured, at a sum of approximately $20 million contracts, to provide additions and alterations, including conversion, from single-user factory building to a single-owner multi-users factory building at 16 Tai Seng Street. It is currently working on a project with Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd, with proposed additional and alterations works at Gul Circle.

Orange Global Pte Ltd strives to be the leading construction and project management service provider in industrial and commercial not only in Singapore, but also in Southeast Asia. It has a dedicated team that strives to bring growth to its community, and assists its clients in making their dreams become a reality. The company strives to be the primary preference at all times both nationally and globally, for value-minded clients and high performing employees.

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