Pacific Cars: SME Excellence Business Award & Singapore Consumer Choice Award 2022/2023

Mr Darick Oh, founding director of Pacific Cars

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – an old adage which attests to the paramount importance of diligence and perseverance, a necessary precondition for success. From a young age, Mr Darick Oh, founding director of Pacific Cars SG Pte Ltd, has always been ambitious and driven to achieve the goals that he had set for himself. As such, following the completion of his national service, Mr Oh ventured valiantly into the automobile industry as a car dealer, in the spirit of learning everything from the ground up. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Mr Oh has amassed a wealth of knowledge which was ultimately harnessed and utilized in the commencement of his entrepreneurial journey.

Venturing into the unknown

With his impeccable knowledge and expertise, Mr Oh has garnered the respect and support of many existing clients. As a seasoned professional within the automobile industry, Mr Oh figured it was the right timing to start a business he could call his own. July 2022 was a point of no return for Mr Oh, when he officially founded Pacific Cars SG, a car dealership business offering a myriad of services such as used car transactions, insurance and bank loans as well as financing services.

Since then, Mr Oh has proceeded to open a showroom of 2600 square ft in Carros Centre, a remarkable feat since its inception. This would facilitate the accommodation of car viewing sessions and the display of cars, ranging from continental cars to Japanese and Korean cars.

Despite facing a multitude of uncertainties and challenges, the continued growth of Pacific Cars SG pays testament to the indomitable spirit and resolve of Mr Oh, who spearheaded and built his clientele from scratch. When we define or measure success, we often notice the tangible, material achievements and statistics. However, we tend to overlook the intangibles, such as the amount of effort and dedication; the heart and soul poured into the development of Pacific Cars SG, especially during its early stages. For this, Mr Oh has rigorously raised awareness of his brand from the early beginnings and relied on referrals from existing customers to expand his clientele.

“Always be humble, be responsive to their requests and be available to offer help when they need it” – Mr Darick Oh

A firm like no other

Albeit being a young company, Pacific Cars SG has already secured more than 80 car transactions within the past 3 months, a brilliant effort which reflects on the stability and reliability of their services. Priding themselves as a service-oriented firm, the ideology of putting customers first stems from that of Mr Oh’s philosophy. As such, Mr Oh’s team of car dealers all possess impeccable knowledge of the automobile industry and offer excellent, second to none, after-sales customer service. Being a young team, each and every employee is fiery and passionate, which accounts for the dynamism and flexibility of their services. On top of that, Mr Oh organizes regular team bonding sessions and celebrations, as well as monetary incentives for over-achieving staff members. His dedication and commitment for his employees have exerted efficacious effects on the working culture and ethics of Pacific Cars.

“Always listen to their concerns, communicate effectively and know the staff personally so you can recognize their strengths and weaknesses” – Mr Darick Oh

The future and beyond

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. For the flow of time is ceaseless and unrelenting, Mr Oh is continually aspiring to better the ambitions of other competitors to preserve its competitive edge in the industry. Having recently completed a course in Electronic Vehicles, Mr Oh seeks to impart his knowledge with his team to better prepare for future market shifts.

Additionally, Mr Oh strives to recruit new dealers to his ranks, and increase the number of monthly car transactions through preserving their remarkable customer retention rates. In the e-commerce aspect, Mr Oh has also set his sights on building an online presence, to grant greater accessibility and convenience for their potential customers.

His interpersonal skills as well as his steadfastness in the face of adversity has undoubtedly developed a robust foundation for Pacific Cars SG. With that, the future of Pacific Cars appears promising and propitious with Mr Oh at the helm.

“Don’t stop learning, be involved in overseeing the business and don’t be afraid to fall”

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