PAND Design: Top 50 Interior Design Award 2022/2023

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Mr. Andrew Ho started PAND Design Singapore Office with one thing in mind. “We wanted to create something during this Covid-19 pandemic and we really don’t mind trying new things”, he says. “All the designs we create comes from the people and end of the day is also for the people. We approach each project with an open mind and with only one main objective – design and deliver our clients’ offices.”

For PAND Design, it’s all about thinking out of the box when it comes to creating functional, sustainable and upscale office interiors. We are a group of talented designers that look beyond boundaries and imagination, excelling in space planning and conceptual designs. While they always find creative ways to comply to clients’ requirements, PAND also strives to break the boundaries of conventional design, resulting in unique, exclusive work environments that would stand the test of time and trends especially with current Covid-19 situation where hybrid workplace is becoming a trend. Currently PAND offers a comprehensive range of design and build services to fulfill the demands of MNC’s within the Asia Pacific region. From planning and concept stage to completion of each project, PAND works collaboratively and strategically with clients to deliver the projects with its current team of designers, project managers, quantity surveyors and construction teams.

Founder of PAND Design, Mr. Andrew Ho

“Specializing in corporate workspaces for MNCs, we strive to incorporate thoughtful, intelligent and brand- inspired solutions into each of the project we undertake. In our design process, environmental, organizational, ergonomic and human factors all combine to create a holistic design tailored to the clients’ need. This is translated into higher productivity, greater creativity and flexibility and innovation.”, he added.

With more than 18 years of experiences in the industry, Mr. Ho runs the entire operation of PAND Design Singapore office in terms of business, operations, design planning, ensuring smoothness and consistency of quality. Mr Ho shares that the moment came when he was having a coffee with his partner, Mr. Simon. He and Simon has been doing commercial offices for more than 38 years combined. While Mr Ho himself is strong in running operations for design and build business, his partner is strong in design, so they merged their strengths complementing each other as a strong basis for a successful company.

Mr. Ho would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you and appreciation to our clients – to name a few : Shopee, Garena Online, FWD. Mr. Ho takes pride in one of the Singapore office’s first project which they pitched and won Shopee new office spaces in Galaxis building. The momentum has since continued with more office spaces to design and build. He finds patience and open communication as key to their success, where people can feel comfortable to share and himself possessing the patience to listen. What motivate him till this day are his positivity as well as being open-minded about things around him. Mr Ho shares the importance of a strong team to respond promptly and efficiently to requests of their clients.

With a current headcount of 15 staffs in Singapore, PAND Design is aiming to grow substantially in 2022/2023. Mr Ho describes the culture as friendly, as a family, teamwork and have a good open communication with plenty of room of discussion when issues arise. “PAND’s DNA comprises swift delivery, passionate work and a collaborative experience – all of which are dedicated to making the entire design and construction journey a delightful and rewarding for our clients. We believe and trust that when we are in partnership with those who can think without limits, we can help you design, build, manage and turn your dreams into reality”, he concludes.

Mr Ho shares that PAND Design is currently expanding its business operations with current presences in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and newly added Beijing into the portfolio. When asked about his ambitions, Mr. Ho sees PAND Design growing strongly in Asia, and aims to have offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Seoul, Shanghai and other China provinces in the next five years.

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