Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives: SME Excellence Business Award 2022/2023

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In the era of the internet and mass media, marketing skills have never been more important when keeping up with the latest trends in catchy headlines or attractive advertisements. With advertisements no longer confined to the radio or the television set, they now appear almost everywhere from the applications of your phone, to content-sharing platforms such as Facebook or even YouTube, ensuring that you catch at least five seconds of their content for the latter. With expertise in twelve different marketing-related services, Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd seeks to provide their clients with the marketing power they need to be heard across multiple platforms, with presentations designed to capture your attention. Set up by Mr Bob Hafiz in early 2021, Pivot Tree excels in twelve different elements of all of your marketing needs.

Founder Mr Bob Hafiz started working right after finishing secondary school, all the way till his mid-20s when he returned to school and achieved a diploma and a degree. Since then he has been working in the sales and marketing industry firstly as a sales executive, before becoming a Sales and Marketing Manager. Realizing that it is an interest of his by being at the forefront and assisting businesses with their marketing needs, Mr Hafiz decided to set up Pivot Tree as his own business where he could project his idea of marketing better for his clients.

Founder of Pivot Tree, Bob Hafiz

Previously, Bob Hafiz served as a motivational speaker for nine years with different companies before deciding to pursue his degree. Taking up General Business in university, Marketing and Accounting stood out for him, thus prompting him to enter a Sales and Marketing role. He believes that Marketing is the backbone of the company, and Sales is at the forefront, with marketing providing guides and references for sales to be achieved.

One of the reasons for setting up Pivot Tree was for Mr Hafiz to set up his own working culture internally and externally. From his experience over the years, he realized that some company cultures were different from what he envisioned, which spurred him to set up Pivot Tree early. From Management down to general staff, Mr Hafiz believes in the whole company treating one another like family and the respect that comes with it, and knowing when to draw the line with their own judgement. Mr Hafiz shares that the culture fostered here in Pivot Tree has become a testimony to their growth as a company, enabling them to grow till they are prepared to expand within a year!

Starting up the business wasn’t an easy path, especially when there were plenty of rejections for their business early on. Staff and talent scouting was a challenge too, with Mr Hafiz seeking a special set of skills and personalities from the individual. Overcoming this required a fair bit of brainstorming, with the team going through a series of trials and errors to get to where they are today.

Currently, Pivot Tree is the parent company of three other branches – JobsPivot, a jobs portal; EduPivot, an educational hub initially for marketing courses, but is now a hub for grooming students for a well-balanced education in Singapore before moving onto a corporate group; PieStudio, which is an in-house videography and photography arm. Clients can approach Pivot Tree for most of the jobs, but can also link up with one of the arms according to their specific needs and requirements. Advertising for Pivot Tree comes mainly from Linkedin, Facebook and Tiktok to engage with customers on a B2B level to keep their focus.

Mr Hafiz sees himself as a Managing Director due to him being able to remain on the ground and working alongside his colleagues instead of being a CEO or a Founder. He looks out for the HR and Finance teams, as well as the day to day operations, and overall company performance as well as service quality through monthly evaluations as a manager.

Quality assurance of the company lies on different project managers who liaise directly with the clients. Mr Hafiz is also able to personally supervise and observe the quality of Pivot Tree’s projects through different management systems, but he avoids making his staff do overtime apart from tight deadlines. What differentiates Pivot Tree from its competitors is its ability to keep almost all services in-house, compared to the common practice of outsourcing. Pivot Tree’s work culture reflects Mr Hafiz’s belief in work-life balance, where he wants his staff to go home on time by 6PM every workday which creates an efficient work culture in the company.

Mr Hafiz takes pride in his team, especially those who have been with him for the past half-year. He credits them with upholding the culture of the company. Pivot Tree’s quick expansion internationally and ability to grow into different countries is also a source of pride, as well as major brands who decided to partner up with Pivot Tree for their own advertising campaigns. Personally, he treats his ability to quickly switch between a light-hearted mood and a serious face at work as a trait that helps him and his peers focus at work. Mr Hafiz also treats everyone similarly and fairly, despite having some backstabs in his journey, but he maintains his kindness towards his employees which he believes is a factor for success. Mr Hafiz also rarely sees a job as a ‘job’, instead of something he could enjoy which he does with Marketing. He sees every job as a new challenge, something new for him to tackle every day, and an opportunity to see things out of the box.

What Pivot Tree does

Pivot Tree provides advertising services Google and Facebook ads, as well as outdoor advertisement with their partners. Often with advertisements comes the need for visual cues, so Pivot Tree does graphic design and for logos and banners to the expectations of their clients.

Handling a social media page isn’t the easiest of jobs, with the page manager often the first to receive feedback from customers via comments on the different platforms. Pivot Tree’s team offers services to handle their clients’ social media accounts in terms of creatives and chatting with customers. Furthermore, Pivot Tree also has an offshore team providing Virtual Assistance services should there be a need for the clients’ customers to seek help via a call center or website chatbox. Pivot Tree also provides content writing for the pages such as websites and blogs, and also create press release speeches for the clients, bringing out their clients’ strengths with high proficiency in the target language.

As a professional service provider on marketing, Pivot Tree provides the full scope of marketing consultancy on branding and marketing strategies for their clients. Pivot Tree sends their consultants over to the different companies to observe and evaluate the branding and existing marketing strategy, and provides advice for improvement.

Lead generation is an important aspect of marketing, where interested persons could be contacted for follow up contacting which may lead to business growth, especially if a team is able to get a high rate of return from a number of leads. A specialized offshore team assists in this aspect, providing the manpower to call up the leads a company might have from an event to ensure that the effort does not go to waste.

Pivot Tree also has a team and in-house studio specializing in photography and videography for corporate branding, taking product shots and also providing editing services for photos or videos. That ties into their corporate branding services where they can provide consultancy on how a company can improve their branding with a myriad of colours and logos to branding decks.

Another service provided is Search Engine Optimization, which is a long term project for clients over twelve months to push their brand in the different search engines across the internet. Aiding that is also the Web and Application development service, where Pivot Tree could set up web applications and even mobile applications for clients to connect with their customers.

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