Rehair Lab: Singapore Consumer Choice Award, Top Business Service and Quality Award, Business Trust Award 2022/2023

Rehair Lab specializes in Hair Replacement services for men – one of the most effective and non-invasive hair restoration solutions to achieve a natural, full head of hair. Unlike surgical hair transplants or other hair treatments, hair replacement systems offer instant results and are customized to suit the needs of each individual.

Rehair Lab Hair Replacement System, also known as a toupee, is made of 100% human hair that’s specially designed to seamlessly blend with your own hair and provide a natural appearance. It can be cut, shaped and styled just as your own hair. With a whole range of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can find a toupee that most suits you.

With an experienced team of specialists that are passionate about the art of hair, they will customize the headpiece to match your hair color, face shape and lifestyle. You can regain a full head of hair instantly and pain-free! Best of all, the hair system will not affect any of your daily activities. You can shower, exercise, and even swim while wearing your hair system.

Mr Eric and Mr Alex decided to start Rehair Lab as they realized there was a growing trend balding among men in Singapore due to their irregular lifestyle, diet and stress. Hence, they wanted to provide an effective solution to help individuals regain a full head of hair. They decided on Hair Replacement System as there was an increasing number of people looking for an effective solution to resolve their balding problem and Hair Replacement System has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions in concealing hair loss. Initially, many customers were afraid of the side effects as they are unfamiliar with the treatment, however, they were assured that Rehair Lab only uses quality ingredients and there will be no side effect of using a hair replacement headpiece.

Rehair Lab aspires to become the best hair replacement salon in Singapore and they are currently looking to expand into a bigger salon with a more luxurious interior design. Apart from business developments, Rehair Lab frequently organizes charity activities in collaboration with community centres and non-profit organizations. Mr Eric and his team attribute the success of Rehair Lab to being a customer-oriented company while being dedicated to provide the best experience for their customers. Despite only starting a year ago, Rehair Lab has already garnered a customer base of more than 500 people and was awarded the Singapore Consumer Choice Award, Top Business Service and Quality Award and Business Trust Award.

Unlike other hair salons in Singapore, Rehair Lab uses top quality products and have their own team of experienced hair replacement experts. They continue to attract customers by offering the best hair replacement services at a competitive price point while constantly looking for ways to improve the customers experience.

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