Rich Innovation Engineering: Top 20 SME Excellence Business Award And Top 20 Top Business Service And Quality Award 2022/2023

Remember the times when you walked into a refreshing air conditioned shopping mall on a scorching sunlit afternoon? At Rich Innovation Engineering Pte Ltd, that is just one of the many services they provide.

Founded in 2018, Rich Innovation Engineering offers design, installation and maintenance of both domestic and commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems for offices/worksStations, dental surgeries, system server rooms, shops, schools, colleges, restaurants, showrooms, laboratories, supermarkets and health centers, in fact just about any space that requires climate control. Not only can they provide power construction as well as design and start up works. They are also one of the only privately owned company specializing in electrical contracting and electrical design. The company’s expertise in this field ensures that they will be able to provide long lasting preventative and maintenance services after the installation.

Rich Innovation Engineering adopts a whole system approach that helps clients realize the maximum potential of their site design and building infrastructure while meeting the project’s other requirements. They offer value to their clients by utilizing cost and value engineering throughout the planning, design and development process. Economic analysis is applied to evaluate design alternatives that offer the most efficient solution. They also offer a comprehensive range of building maintenance services programs tailored to suit the client’s specific need. With years of experiences, they pride themselves for being able to provide majority of building service and maintenance to the electrical system, ACMV system, fire protection system, plumbing & sanitary system and ELV system, Chill water system, Chiller and Cooling Tower System, VRV, Sump Water Pump System.

Despite only being founded in 2018, the founder, Mr Chinniah Ilango has had over 30 years of past experience in this industry prior to starting his own company. In the short span of 4 years since the company opening, they’ve already completed more than 50 successful projects, some examples include Bugis plus, ION orchard, J Cube, Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Mr Ilango recalled that it hasn’t always been easy, when the company first started, he was short staffed and couldn’t find any workers for over 6 month. Therefore he had to work till 1am almost everyday, even now he still has the habit of working at least 8-12 hours everyday. Many of Mr Ilango’s current staffs used to work with him in other companies before eventually joining him in his own company as they were well aware of what Mr Ilango was capable of and had a firm believe in the company’s vision which is to be one of the leading mechanical and electrical engineering companies in Singapore.

Founder of Rich Innovation Engineering, Mr Chinniah Ilango

Moving forward, Mr Ilango plans to set up a group of companies collectively known as “Rich Group”, he has already started another company called Rich Integrated Service Pte Ltd. Mr Ilango attributes the companies success to their high professional standards and having altitudinous customer service, he will personally take the effort to ensure that every client is satisfied with their completed projects. Not only is Rich Innovation Known for their high standard of quality, they also offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market. Mr Ilango explained that they are able to keep the pricings low as all of their staffs have been professionally trained so that they are capable of handling each and every one of the services they provide. The same staff will be able to not only set up the Fire Protection System, but also ensure the Security and Door Access System is properly installed. By doing so, a project that typically requires 6 workers will now only require 4, hence keeping the cost low.

“Happy employees lead to happy client, which leads to more success of the organization”.

While having high standards of work is important, it is also having a well-bonded team of staffs is also paramount. Mr Ilango ensures this by organizing a monthly team bonding day where they will all go out to either St John Island or other attractions to play some games together, they will also have lunch and dinner with them afterwards. Mr Ilango believes that employees are fundamental for the success of the company which is why he personally ensures that they are all well taken care of.

When asked about the topic of advertising, Mr Ilango said that they have not done any advertising for the company and that almost all of his clients were from referrals. This was due to the fact that they will do whatever it takes to ensure the client is completely satisfied with their service. Mr Ilango also has many connections as he has been in the industry for over 30 years and many others are aware of his standard of service, hence trusting his company with their projects.

For staffs who are not very well versed in some technical skills, Mr Ilango will either arrange for them to go for courses or have a more senior teach them the ways. This not only allows the new staffs to upgrade themselves, but also allows them to have a easier time when working on a project. The company conducts monthly trainings for all the staffs to update them on new features and products in the industry, ensuring they are constantly up to date with the industry

Apart from the technical services the company provides, they also have their own internal software to keep track of outstanding payments to suppliers and from clients, Mr Ilango said that they are able to get the data of any supplier within 5 minute which really helps with the overall efficiency of the company. The accountant will also check on the balance every week to ensure there are no overdue payments, they will also do a thorough check every alternate month to keep track of the expenses and try to find ways to make it more cost effective. The system also keeps track of when their vehicles move off and comeback, allowing them to better monitor the progress of the project. Mr Ilango also conducts weekly meetings to gather feedbacks from his employees to ensure that all the plans have been implemented and try to solve any issues they might have.

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