Shoppaholic Vision: SME Excellence Business Award & Aspiring Woman Entrepreneur Award 2022/2023

Founder of Shoppaholic Vision, Ms Michelle Goh

Founded in 2020 based on the mantra of “creating beauty and wellness”, Shoppaholic Vision has strived to boost women’s confidence and well-being through products and beauty workshops run by entrepreneur, Michelle Goh. Makeup classes are usually held during the evenings for students who are interested in learning the basics of applying makeup. One of their star products, MLEN eyelashes, have soft magnets that clip on easily to existing lashes without damaging them. MLEN has over 20 years of credentials in the lashes industry and is a good option for those who have opted to take a break from eyelash extensions. During early days in 2020 to 2021, opportunities came along and Michelle was invited to do a makeover for clients like Mrs Singapore 2019, Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific Cosmopolitan 2020, and other influencers.

Michelle is no stranger to the industry with a certificate in bridal makeup and professional hair services. From a marketer to an entrepreneur, she added that she enjoys the freedom and flexibility now as compared to being in the corporate sector.

Michelle also takes part in charity events like the Lunar New Year Outreach 2022 organised by Biz Link, a non-profit organization helping people with special needs. It is a charity show hosted by  Jere Su,  catered  for spastic beneficiaries and involved the MasterChef cum SPOP Singer, Leon Lim, and local celebrity Abigail Chay who were doing live performances on the set. Michelle personally believes in the statement, “whatever goes around  comes around”. Having been involved in taking care of her father who is at an advanced cancer stage together with her siblings, Michelle is fully aware of how tough the caregiving job can be and appreciates  what  her  mother has contributed as the main caregiver to her dad. It can be very mentally and financially draining at times and she hopes to contribute more to society especially old folks and people with special needs.

Initially, Shoppaholic Vision was created to provide more than just makeup and skincare products. However, Michelle’s makeup lessons became a hit amongst her clientele hence, her shift in focus. When compared to similar competitors, Shoppaholic Vision stands out in terms of offering better services by tailoring it per customers’ requests. Citing that there are multiple factors involved to ensure the type of makeup used and style offered suits the client’s face and features.

COVID-19 also affected Michelle’s business by making it difficult to run large classes due to the Social Distancing Measure and strict regulations hence, reducing the size of classes. The hindrance forced Michelle to understand the importance of social media and enter the world of digital marketing. 

While learning new skills, she managed to make a new transition for her business, learning about new online trends and platforms, like TikTok as her marketing background was only limited to traditional media (print, etc.). As compared to 2020, business is currently better due to the occurrence of more events ergo, leading up to high demand for professional makeup and hair services.

Shoppaholic Vision started out from a one-woman team and is gradually growing to a team of up to 10 agents in a year. Agents also communicate with customers to share product knowledge so they can make the right purchasing decisions based on their needs.

Although Shoppaholic Vision has gained multiple clients through the means of direct marketing, Michelle still feels that the foundation isn’t strong as of yet, and wants to have a stronger operational team before looking into expanding her offerings or branching out elsewhere. She added that giving makeup lessons and services, has brought a great sense of satisfaction especially when customers rely on her product knowledge and acknowledge her efforts. Michelle added that Shoppaholic Vision sold over 2,000 packs of eyelashes in six months, and felt blessed that through the word-of-mouth, it has kept the business going and sustainable till now; despite the COVID-19 situation. As she is still on route to building a name for herself in the industry, she understands that there is still so much room for improvement.

Michelle’s passion for design also means she is heavily involved in designing           Shoppaholic Vision’s marketing materials. She cited that she practices operational efficiency by keeping a close eye on inventory and finance matters as well as constantly being on the lookout for lifestyle items that are related to health and             fitness, as most people are gradually having better awareness about health matters these days.

Michelle advises young entrepreneurs to be true and honest to themselves and their clients. If their product or service is not up to standards; they won’t have a secured base and be able to continue businesses or new customers, as consumers are not naive. 

She adds, “Be accountable to yourself in whatever you do. Whether it is a success or a failure, you have to own it and continue to strive forward.”

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