Singapore Pharmatech: SME Excellence Business Award & Singapore Consumer Choice Award 2022/2023

Over the past decade, Singapore has been doing the needful to evolve into a pharmaceutical and medical technological hub with world-class infrastructure paired along with a highly skilled biomedical workforce. With an influx of technological parks like Biopolis and companies in the medical field setting up their headquarters in Singapore, it’s no surprise the government has shifted their focus to the pharmaceutical industry; more do during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One homegrown business in such an industry is Singapore Pharmatech, set up by Ms Angie Lo in 2020. Specialising in OEM and ODM manufacturing and packing of safe, high-efficacy nutritional supplements in a quick and timely fashion, Singapore Pharmatech aims to be a dedicated nutritional supplements manufacturer and supplier in Singapore, providing these goods for companies with minimal lead time.

During the 2019 Covid-19 Pandemic, the world found itself in a general shortage of goods from supply chain interruptions and long lead times in getting raw materials and finished goods. Sensing this as a chance to enter the business by setting up a company in Singapore with high-tech infrastructure readily available, Ms Lo aimed to create a pharmaceutical provider with a fast market response and short lead time to cope with local demands.

As a business, Singapore Pharmatech aims to be a leading supplement manufacturer in Asia, with a focus on high quality and better efficacy products with an affordable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and short lead times for their clients. With plans to expand overseas and a franchise already in place, Ms Lo plans for the company to be halal-certified for the business to cope with the requirements of countries in the ASEAN region. With the expansion of the business, plans are also in the works to expand the production line, allowing them to ramp up production and provide for more consumers in the long run.

Some initial difficulties faced during the early stages were the difficulty in securing suppliers for pharmaceutical machines and equipment, and since communication could only take place online rather than face to face; regular communications took a hit without the ability to physically seek partners faceto-face. Ms Lo explained that the issue was solved with the hiring of a consultant who managed to handle most of their early teething problems.

Ms Lo explained that while Singapore Pharmatech lacks manpower at the present and is smaller compared to the larger suppliers in the market, and although their full production capacities during the peak season might mean new clients might need to wait longer, they have managed to secure contracts to manufacture high-quality supplements at an affordable MOQ, and has collaborated with trusted raw material suppliers to ensure consistency in production. Singapore Pharmatech also formed a strong ability and experience in phasing in new products for their clients, while offering their products online as well as offering contract manufacturing.

Regarding the success of the business and its growth, Ms Lo credits it to their ability to fully utilize the resources they had on hand, as well as comply with the regulatory requirements for them to operate with ease. Operational efficacy is enhanced by regular training on the latest systems and processes and establishing SOPs with good documentation. Communication between management and the employees also allows for complete understanding between all involved. Ms Lo describes the company culture as vibrant and dynamic, where employees take pride in their work and are motivated to succeed in this business. Ms Lo also shares that passion is the main driving factor for her in the business. She also added, apart from providing quality products, one has to constantly work on improving and grooming talents. They have since developed a chewable pill as a format supplement as part of their products. Additionally, when it comes to customer care, Ms Lo emphasises that forming a trustworthy bond and providing them with high-quality products is key.

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