Singapore Security Force: Singapore Prestige 100 Award and Top Business Service And Quality Award 2023/2024


In the realm of security services, one company has been making waves with its dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of its employees. We are pleased to introduce you to Singapore Security Force Pte Ltd, a beacon of excellence in the industry. Founded and led by the visionary Mr. Selvarasu Magendran, this company has risen to prominence, thanks to its unique approach and unwavering dedication to its employees and clients.

Every great venture starts with a dream, and Singapore Security Force is no exception. Mr. Selvarasu Magendran, the Founder and Managing Director, began his journey in the security industry at the entry level. It was his expertise in the field that laid the foundation for what would become a thriving company. Initially, he had plans to start a Korean food stall, but fate had other ideas. It was after a chance meeting with Mr. Derek Goh, a security industry expert, that the duo decided to combine their strengths and launch a security company that has since become a formidable presence in the field.

Founder and Managing Director of Singapore Security Force
Mr Selvarasu Magendran (first row) (left)

Every journey to success is riddled with challenges, and Singapore Security Force was no exception. Sourcing key personnel proved to be an uphill battle. However, they persevered, leaning on the support of friends and client introductions, and even promoting existing staff members to key positions. This commitment to finding the right talent was instrumental in their success.

Singapore Security Force has set out to be a pioneer in the security industry, offering services that stand out from the crowd. Their objectives are clear – to provide top-notch security services and to become the leading security company in Singapore.

In addition to their business goals, the company also embraces a strong sense of social responsibility. They work with Sunlove Elderly Care to provide care for the elderly and celebrate their birthdays. Additionally, they collaborate with USE (Union Security Employee), offering welfare benefits to their officers. This dedication to community engagement reflects their commitment to making a positive impact beyond the boardroom.

When asked about their success, Mr. Selvarasu Magendran attributes it to their unwavering commitment and hard work. They believe in setting an example for their officers and providing them with the confidence and support they need to excel. They firmly believe that the well- being of their employees is essential to the growth of the company, as they are the ones who provide quality service to their clients.

What sets Singapore Security Force apart from their competitors? It’s a combination of qualities that make them a leader in the industry. They don’t make empty promises but focus on delivering better service. They embrace technology, offering value-added services, rapid response times, and enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, their dedication to the well-being of their officers and gratitude towards them creates a work environment that fosters loyalty and excellence.

When it comes to retaining clients, Singapore Security Force goes the extra mile to meet their needs. As a testament to their dedication, all their clients have remained loyal, forming a strong client base through word-of-mouth referrals.

Looking ahead, Singapore Security Force has exciting plans in store. They aim to deploy more technologies to enhance the capabilities of their staff and address budget and manpower constraints. This innovative approach ensures that they stay at the forefront of the industry.

The company’s strength lies in the fact that each department has its own chain of command. They operate efficiently by offering competitive prices that comply with government regulations. Employee performance is encouraged through productivity incentives, aligning with guidelines from MOM. Most importantly, Singapore Security Force nurtures a culture where everyone is treated like a partner, fostering a sense of belonging and dedication among their employees.

In conclusion, Singapore Security Force Pte Ltd stands as a testament to what vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment can achieve. Under the leadership of Mr. Selvarasu Magendran, this company has not only carved a niche for itself in the security industry but has also created a work environment that inspires loyalty, innovation, and excellence. Singapore Security Force is poised for a bright future, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success.

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