What are the awards qualifying criteria?

Business Requirements

1. Registered Business Entity MUST be in operation for a minimum of ONE year to be able to qualify for this Award.

2. Representative of the business must possess a minimum of AT LEAST 30% shares of the local entity to be considered ‘qualified’ for the Awards Application Process

3. The local entity must adhere to ALL Singapore Authority’s mandated Law and policies to qualify for this award.

4. Both the representative of the local entity, AND the local entity must not have any unlawful tidings that resulted in the barring of the individual/company under any legal boards, OR any local Singapore organisations.

Documents to submit

1. A duly completed submission form. Immediate payment upon approval.

2. Soft copy of company’s latest logo in:

– JPEG-high-resolution format

3. Company Profile , Brochures or any other supporting materials.

4. A brief write-up on company’s business activities.

Application Process

Submit Application

Provide Supporting Documents

For areas that have been identified & brought up for further assessment. (A site visit might be called upon by the officer)

If Application Is In Order

An officer will proceed to submit the relevant documents and clear your application.

Application Approved

Applicant will be notified via official email on their application approval status.

Make Payment

Payment for Singapore Prestige Class Award Winners’ Program.

Commencement of Award Entitlement and Benefits

Once the application has been approved, the award entitlements will take place progressively. Officer will be in touch to guide you through the process.

Singapore Prestige Class Award Entitlements and Benefits

1 (ONE) A4 Size SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 certificate (with frame) for display on business premises (Name of Company / Director will be on the certificate)

VIP Ticket to the SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD AWARD 2022/2023 Award Ceremony

1 (ONE) SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 Promising Award trophy with company name

2 (TWO) set of window decals with SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023

SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 – E-publication

SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 – Special Feature on company Facebook Page

Special feature of company attributes and achievements in SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 – E-publication (2 pages)

Soft copy of SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 Award logo in various formats for marketing and branding purposes

Congratulatory Ads on The Business Times

Company listing on SINGAPORE PRESTIGE CLASS AWARD 2022/2023 website (https://www.visionmedia.com.sg)

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