Successmore: Singapore Prestige Class Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2023/2024

Successmore Being (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a Public Listed Company with Head Office in Thailand was established in 2012 as a business distributing consumer goods, both domestically and overseas. The company went public and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 2020.

Successmore’s founders, President Dr. Sitthawee Kriatchawanun and CEO Noppakrit Nithilertvijit have been friends since the age of five. The childhood friends studied in the same school until grade 12 and grew up with the same ambition, that is, the dream of a better life. This ambition was the foundation that led to the successful establishment of Successmore PLC. The company has grown to a scale of more than 150,000 staff strength in Thailand and in seven of the Asian Economic Community (AEC) countries across Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and recently the Philippines (2023).

With 10 years of history and highly reputable, they are also the official product distributors in the six AECs. Singapore Prestige Class Award 2023/2024 & Singapore Prestige Class Award 2023/2024 & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2023/2024 Top Business Service and Quality Award 2023/2024.

Founders of Successmore Being (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, President Dr. Sitthawee Kriatchawanun & CEO Noppakrit Nithilertvijit

Following their Dreams

The two founders, President Dr. Sitthawee Kriatchawanun and CEO Noppakrit Nithilertvijit both have in-depth knowledge in network marketing and strive to give back to society by offering innovative products to help people live better lives. With 18 years of collective experience in a similar business with their previous company, the childhood friends decided to strike out on their own, firmly committed to creating inspiration for the soul to develop and change people’s lifestyles. They followed the philosophy of “Inspiration for Your Being” to create a “wellness & well-being community” through its innovative products and business platform in the form of network marketing.  Of course, there were several obstacles when they were setting up. As a ‘people-centric business’ understanding and communicating to build a wide operating network with people were key to overcoming those obstacles. It was also important that they utilized their budget wisely. The faith of their consumers in them also played a large part in helping them overcome many obstacles that came up over the years.      

After its conversion to a public company in 2020, Successmore’s commitment to developing and inspiring people’s lives grew stronger. Following their philosophy from the time of the company’s inception, Successmore continues to offer quality products selected by expert physicians and create opportunities in the form of efficient systems to help their consumers build potential and upgrade their status in terms of wealth, happiness, and lifetime achievements.

Successmore also directly manages its factories that produce and control the quality of Successmore products to deliver the best product quality to their customers. They are also the only Thai network marketing company that is listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Employees are also an important part of the organization. Successmore encourages everyone’s participation in expressing their feedback and opinions and is proud of their ideas, work system, listening culture, and team spirit. They take great care of their employees’ progress and spur development for expanded job scopes with higher work value.  

10th Year Anniversary

On 5th April 2023, Successmore officially turned 10 years old. In return for the gratitude and trust of all distributors and members, a merit-making ceremony was held at the Ratchayothin Headquarters for auspiciousness, growth, and long-term stability.

In the evening, there was a celebration party held at The Halls Bangkok attended by distributors and the media. Ready to enjoy a mini-concert from Pop Pongkul singers and end the party with a live band.

Award Winning Product – S.O.D More

Celebrating the 10th year of Successmore, Successmore organized a press conference featuring a famous actor in Thailand Mario Maurer, a young hero who loves health and become an ambassador for S.O.D. More dietary supplement product.

S.O.D MORE is a dietary supplement that contains value selected from 125 types of fruits and vegetables through the fermentation process for 180 days to obtain phytonutrients and SOD ENZYME (Superoxide Dismutase); One of the best antioxidant enzymes found in all living cells, essential enzyme to the completed defense system. This enzyme can do the antioxidant action against up to DNA within the cell.

S.O.D More has also won multiple awards such as the Gold Medal for iCAN (International Invention Innovation Competition Canada), Best Innovation Product, International Reader’s Vote Homeopathic Awards, and Best Innovation Brand of the Year.

Successmore Charity Marathon 2023

“SCM HERO LIFE HERO RUN 2023” marathon was organized on the 10th anniversary of Successmore to encourage people to take care of their health under the HERO BRAND concept and is one of the organization’s aspirations, namely Inspiration for your Being, an inspiration that changes your life.

In this event, Successmore Being Public Company Limited will be the main sponsor, and every step taken will be converted into contributions to:

  1. National Cancer Institute Foundation which aims to assist in the purchase of medical equipment and raising funds for cancer patients to have a better quality of life and support the foundation’s main projects.
  2. Paralympic Foundation of Thailand which contributes to the New Life Fund for Talented Persons with Disabilities and encourages people with disabilities to play sports to improve the physical, mental, emotional, and social performance of people with disabilities.

At the same time, the company hopes to encourage people of all genders and ages to see the value of “giving” and “volunteering” that aim to create benefits for the public and assist or share with others. With the spirit of being a contributor who wishes well under the HERO BRAND concept, by being one of the runners for health and charity, you will be a Hero who gives, shares and passes on to others in the activity.

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