TechnoPals Pte Ltd: Singapore Prestige Class Award & Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023

Mr Vedangi Kishore Babu, Founder of TechnoPals Pte Ltd

Business Service and Quality Awards 2022/2023 aims to recognise and reward business excellence across the industry verticals and highlight the top players.

Singapore is a Business Hub for the APAC region, with its local and global players. Hence, the IT industry is one of the most competitive sectors for this award.

The award committee has an independent judge panel formed by international industry experts who are carefully reviewing the great work done by many organisations. The judges will score the entries against key criteria related to IT services, quality and customer satisfaction. The transparency and the strict following of the criteria in the scoring by the committee ensures this is only awarded to businesses that truly deserve it.

We are proud to present the winner for Top Business Service and Quality Award 2022/2023 with an excellence in delivering highest quality and customer satisfaction in Singapore – Technopals Pte Ltd.

Formed in 2009, Technopals is an IT firm that specializes on supporting niche projects for the oil & gas industry, and nurtures strong relationships and build long partnerships with its clients. Technopals Founder and current CEO, Mr, Kishore, strongly believes in providing excellence in service delivery and high quality as a response to every project. This vision capitalized over the years and Technopals has grown offering services and support to international clients ranging from Banks, Oil & Gas firms to Government sector. 

Today, Technopals provides end-to-end, digital transformation services supporting customers around the world. With over 450 employees in Singapore and presence in 5 countries, Technopals is the leader in IT solutions and services.

Technopals Pte Ltd was founded based on the principle of people first, which reflects the name of company and its logo. As the company name suggests, Technopals is made up of a group of friendly and professional technical consultants, hence, “techno-pals”. The logo of the company symbolises the value that the company stands for which is the human emotions that made up the company represented by three colours; Blue represents Calmness and Serenity, Green represents Optimistic and Health, while Red represents Passion and Life.

What made Technopals stand out from the crowd?

Technopals consistently evaluates its client satisfaction surveys to understand and refine processes in order to keep up the speed of growth in customer service request and adjust to satisfy all needs. To succeed as an organization is “a must have” of SOPs and tools to measure the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Highly rated for communication, technical skills and project management Technopals has proven worthy of this award.

The employee’s satisfaction says a lot about the core of Technopals as a business that is people centric. Research done by the panel of judges highlighted that Technopals had a steep growth in the past 3 years (from 70 employees in 2019 to over 450 in mid-2022), and scored a 4.9% out of 5% employee rating on Glassdoor, and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

The IT project delivery in a dynamic job landscape is tough and challenging. The panel was impressed by how Technopals managed projects with confidence and professionalism, especially projects that had incredibly steep deadlines and seemed impossible.

We spoke with the CEO asking about one of the projects that got our attention and here is the story that he shared with us:

“I received an email late in the evening from the team. One of our clients needed urgent support with more then 100 technical staff to support the SEA Games. We are talking about finding resources and onboarding in 30 days a lot of people that will have a 3-month contract for this project.

There was no time to waste and our client needed urgent support. After a quick brief everyone in the organization contributed with ideas, referred friends and shouted out on social media and we extended the team to review and interview all potential candidates. We pushed ourselves, and as a team, we succeeded!”

Technopals has an ambitious roadmap ahead with plans this year to expand in the UK, Indonesia and increase operations in Malaysia. Technopals estimates to reach over 600 employees and more than 40 million in turnover by the end of 2022.

Technopals have proven, time and time again, that they are able to collaborate effectively as a team with a unified goal of delivering high quality IT services and support.

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