The I.D Project: Top 50 Interior Design Award 2022/2023

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The I.D Project is an interior design (ID) firm spearheaded by two veterans of the industry, Calvin Teo and Jimmy Wong. The two men founded the company in 2021, and in a short span of time have firmly established the company as one of the most promising ID firms around. Calvin and Jimmy’s excellent design work and professionalism ensured that their company’s meteoric rise is sustainable, built on the back of the many stellar projects they have taken on since their inception, which are now markers of their undeniable quality.

The duo has been long-time friends even before they got started in the ID industry, and it was Calvin who helped Jimmy land his first job in the field. At the time, Calvin was already working at an ID firm, and Jimmy was developing an interest in the fascinating world of design. Calvin recommended Jimmy to his then-boss, and just like that, the two began working together.

Co-founders of The I.D Project, Calvin Teo (left) & Jimmy Wong (right)

But the decision to establish The I.D Project came much later, and it happened in a more roundabout way than the duo would expect. Calvin and Jimmy left that initial ID firm separately at one point, continued to grow in divergent paths, and were then reunited years later at another company. This time, however, though their skills were considerably refined, the two found themselves increasingly jaded at the way their careers were progressing.

“We realised that our careers had become stagnant, that we were doing the same things for years upon end,” Jimmy says. “We decided that, with the skills and experience we had accumulated, it was time to venture out and start our own ID company, one that was steered by our own artistic vision.”

Calvin and Jimmy had a relatively untroubled beginning with The I.D Project, and that is testament to their almost two decades of experience in the field. Upon establishing the company, the duo could rely on their existing clientele for a steady stream of work, which helped them get the company off the ground in its early days. The only major issue they faced was a manpower shortage. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in construction-related industries have had troubles with hiring suitable workers, and that includes us,” notes Calvin. “This can set the completion of our projects back a little, but we are grateful that our customers have been very understanding of the situation.”

Yet despite these stumbling blocks that stand in the way of efficiency, The I.D Project remains committed to completing its projects in an expeditious yet professional manner. And it is not just their design work that exudes efficiency – the company’s service is highly responsive and committed, and its team are always on standby to respond to any customers’ queries at any time. This is especially important when it comes to ID, as most clients require the technical knowledge of ID experts like Calvin and Jimmy before they make decisions that affect the layout of their house, such as buying a new bathtub. The two are always ready to offer their advice, and these are often given free of charge, too.

When a customer comes to The I.D Project, they are offered a free consultation where a draft will be done up for space planning, and this is done with no obligation to engage the company’s services. Rather than attempting to pressurise potential clients into a deal, The I.D Project understands the need for them to seek out other ID firms before making a final decision on which concepts are ideal for their house. Additionally, an on-site inspection for the condition of the house is offered gratis, and still, there is no obligation for the customers to sign a deal. These services, which go the extra mile for the customer, make The I.D Project the trustworthy ID firm that it is.

“Our customers trust us. That is why most of our clients come from referrals – those who are satisfied with our work and service tend to recommend us to their friends and family. Thanks to that, our business almost doubled in the past year,” says Jimmy.

But of course, any good ID firm worth its salt excels in the interior design aspect, and it is here that Calvin and Jimmy display their mastery over their craft. The duo is well-acquainted with many of the in-vogue design styles such as modern contemporary, industrial, and Scandinavian, allowing them to meet the needs of any customers with versatility and a touch of their creative minds.

“Unlike ten, twenty years ago, customers today are far more design-savvy,” says Calvin. “Thanks to the wealth of information available on the internet, many customers would already have a concept in mind. It is then up to us to advise them on how we can progress with these ideas and, ultimately, execute them.”

The abundance of inspiration on the internet does not just benefit customers, as the designers themselves use websites like Pinterest for inspiration. Calvin and Jimmy make no secret that they occasionally draw ideas from the internet, especially when they experience a “designer’s block”. However, rather than copying these designs wholesale, the duo would take ideas they liked and put their own spin on things, giving their interior designs a strong sense of originality.

Above all else, Calvin and Jimmy are driven by a desire to bring satisfaction to their customers by designing the house of their dreams. “When we finish a project, and the homeowner expresses their gratitude for creating a nice place for them to stay, we get a sense of fulfilment that’s hard to find elsewhere,” says Jimmy.

Calvin agrees. “What’s most important to us is that we bring a smile to the face of every customer.”

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