The Muscle Remedy: SME Excellence Business Award And Top Business Service And Quality Award 2023/2024

Muscle pain is one of the most common ailments affecting people from all walks of life, from athletes to office workers. While traditional medical treatments like painkillers can offer some relief, they often fall short in addressing the root cause of the pain. That’s where The Muscle Remedy comes in, with a logo symbolizing Mr Salman himself. Founded by Mr. Salman, this Singapore-based consultancy, manual therapy and rehabilitation clinic takes a personalized approach to treatment that has won over thousands of patients in the region.

The story of The Muscle Remedy is one of perseverance and dedication to helping people feel better. Mr. Salman himself was inspired to start the business after suffering multiple injuries and not receiving the help he needed to recover fully. Frustrated by the lack of personalized care available, he set out to create a clinic that would prioritize the needs of each patient and help them achieve their goals.

Starting with just house calls, Mr. Salman eventually opened a shop just before Singapore’s circuit breaker forced him to close for three months. But rather than letting the setback discourage him, he used the time to learn more about business, marketing, and digital social media. He also honed his skills in operating commercial property for government grounds, ensuring that the clinic could operate effectively and efficiently.

Today, The Muscle Remedy is a thriving business with plans to expand even further. In July 2023, the clinic will move to a larger space and hire more staff to better serve its clients. Furthermore, a larger space allows for more rehabilitation equipment that can be used to treat a wider array of problems in clients, while also allowing for more time slots for clients. Mr Salman has plans to expand his business overseas, with a much bigger market. Mr. Salman is also planning to open a small academy for future therapists, as he recognizes that education and knowledge are essential to providing high-quality care to clients.

What sets The Muscle Remedy apart is its fusion therapy approach, which balances therapy with physical and emotional well-being. The clinic recognizes that the mind and body are interconnected and that addressing one without the other can lead to incomplete healing. By connecting clients’ emotions and well-being with musculoskeletal treatment, The Muscle Remedy provides a holistic approach that has helped many patients achieve lasting results. With the motto of ‘we listen,we fix’, The Muscle Remedy is very detailed in its treatment process, by listening to each and every patient’s problem before providing the treatment.

The clinic’s success is due in no small part to Mr. Salman’s leadership and commitment to building a strong team. Mr Salman is extremely selective in his team of staff at The Muscle Remedy, where he filters out the staff he wants through different interviews where he gets to know more about each and every one of their characters. He emphasizes transparency, honesty, and respect for clients as key values that guide the clinic’s operations. He trusts his staff and fosters a positive work environment that encourages growth and learning.

The Muscle Remedy’s achievements are impressive by any measure. Over 5,500 patients have been treated since June 2020, with around 90% of them recovering from their problems. The patients treated come from incredibly varied backgrounds, with the age ranging from 3 years old to 95 years old and many international clients from Europe, United States and Southeast Asia as well. The clinic has also helped many stroke patients regain their lives, a testament to the efficacy of its treatment approach. And in recognition of its accomplishments, The Muscle Remedy won the SME 500 award from ATC.

To retain its clients, The Muscle Remedy prioritizes patients who need immediate care and offers promotions twice a year in April and December. It also has a referral program that rewards the top 10 referrers with grab vouchers, incentivizing clients to bring their family and friends to the clinic.

The Muscle Remedy’s strengths lie in its excellent customer relationship, service orientation, and word-of-mouth referrals. The Muscle Remedy extends their services to patients’ homes with a genuine concern for their well-being, particularly in emergency cases where individuals may face limitations in their mobility and require more extensive care. The clinic is committed to finding a balance that prioritizes patients’ needs while ensuring high-quality care. The clinic’s opportunities lie in expanding its capacity and hiring additional staff, to cater to a growing number of patients.

The Muscle Remedy is a clinic that stands out for its commitment to personalized care, holistic treatment, and dedication to learning and growth. With plans to expand and continue providing high- quality care to its patients, The Muscle Remedy is well-positioned to become a leader in the market of muscle therapy.

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