Thom Signature: Singapore Prestige 100 Award and Top 50 Interior Design Award 2023/2024


In the realm of interior design and space planning, Thom Signature Design stands as an illustrious beacon of creativity, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Today, we embark on a journey through the remarkable story of this visionary company, guided by the words of its founder, Thomas Poon.

Thomas Poon, Founder of Thom Signature Design

Thom Signature Design’s primary business  activity revolves around interior design and space planning, coupled with an exquisite touch – providing post-renovation photoshoot services.

Founded by the visionary interior designer, Thomas Poon, the company has carved a niche in the industry for its unparalleled commitment to transforming spaces into havens of beauty and functionality.

Our conversation begins with the origins of Thom Signature Design, a journey inspired by Thomas’s profound passion for interior design. His studies in the field ignited a desire to translate that passion into a thriving career, ultimately leading him to take the bold step of creating his brand.

Every entrepreneurial journey encounters its share of challenges, and Thom Signature Design was no exception. Thomas acknowledges that while starting a business may be relatively straightforward, sustaining it is the true test. The key, he emphasises, is turning ideas into a concrete business plan and, most importantly, bringing those ideas to life.

To surmount these initial obstacles, Thomas and his team relentlessly brainstormed marketing strategies and assembled a talented and positively charged staff. This harmonious blend of innovation and teamwork laid the foundation for Thom Signature Design’s enduring success.

At Thom Signature Design, the objectives extend far beyond mere business aspirations. The company is committed to nurturing leadership skills within its team, expanding its organisational footprint, and firmly establishing its brand presence. The vision is to set audacious goals, employing a value-driven agenda that guides every facet of the organisation and fosters a shared sense of purpose among employees.

Looking forward, Thom Signature Design has ambitious development plans, including the grooming of more leaders within the organisation. Thomas reveals that should the results permit, they are considering the launch of another brand, a testament to their unwavering commitment to growth and innovation.

Thomas and his interior design team

At the heart of Thom Signature Design’s unwavering pursuit of success lies an indomitable passion and a fervent desire to build a legacy. The company embodies the belief that success is achieved through hard work, a strong vision, effective marketing strategies, and an acute understanding of clients’ needs. When inquired about the factors that contributed to their success, Thomas’s response is a testament to the company’s core values: discipline, perseverance, drive, and a resolutely positive attitude. These qualities have been instrumental in shaping Thom Signature Design’s remarkable journey.

Moreover, Thom Signature Design’s achievements have been nothing short of stellar. Their work has been featured on Channel 5’s ‘Chic and Cozy,’ showcasing their ability to create spaces that resonate with style and comfort. Having transformed more than 800 homes, they have left an indelible mark on the interior design landscape.


What sets Thom Signature Design apart from its competitors is their unwavering commitment to each and every client, prospect, and referral. They go the extra mile by assigning dedicated administrative personnel to interact with leads, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Moreover, their post-renovation photoshoots and handyman services reflect their dedication to comprehensive customer care. Their successful approach, which encompasses grasping each client’s unique needs and desires while managing practicality, functionality, and aesthetics within budget limitations, truly sets them apart from their rivals.

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