ValueLux Furnishing Pte Ltd: Singapore Prestige Class Award 2021/2022

ValueLux Furnishing SPCA  TBSQ Write Up FINAL For Client
ValueLux Furnishing SPCA TBSQ Write Up FINAL For Client

Never Too Old to Learn

ValueLux Furnishing Pte Ltd is founded by Mr Daniel Foo, 47, and was established in 2018 with the primary trade of the sale of household furniture such as bed, sofa, dining and wardrobes. The business was first invested by Daniel alongside his friend before Daniel single-handedly took over the business management and operations under his wing. With little to no experience in the furniture trade and at the age of 44 then, the zealous businessman started afresh with a year of deep research and learning about the industry.

Daniel dedicated his time scouting for furniture suppliers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Due to his pre- amateur background in the trade and the vast amount of competitors in the market, suppliers found a lack of confidence in investing in his ambition. He was fortunate enough through the months to secure a partnership with a Malaysian factory in kindred spirit; they were a factory with the acquired skills to fabricate furniture and were seeking opportunities with a businessman who was eager to work exclusively with them.

Within a year, ValueLux Furnishing created an extensive range of their luxurious brand of bed frames and sofas that are directly sold to customers readily and at affordable value. The business now produces and sells 60 sets of bed frames weekly, and supplies 200 sofas to the United States of America each month.

From zero knowledge to thriving in S$1 million revenue in 2020, Daniel proves that age is only a number and that it’s never too late to learn and prosper. The now GST registered business maintains their promise in delivering quick alteration, prompt delivery and short lead time to customers and have thus deepened their customer’s trust and satisfaction. Through Daniel’s grit and willpower, ValueLux Furnishing has earned itself 2 awards – Singapore Prestige Class Award and the Top Business Service and Quality Award 2021/2022.

ValueLux Furnishing Pte Ltd branch – 462 Serangoon Road

Beyond Grit & Willpower

Despite the journey with struggles of learning at an advanced age, Daniel embraces the asset of his connections and soft business skills cultivated over the years as a salesman. He was previously an entrepreneur in the electrical trade for 8 years, and he also operates a limousine company with a team of drivers. His business operation skills of negotiation, communication and marketing and sales, combined with the qualities such as resilience, tenacity and persistence of a salesman have built a solid foundation in overcoming the adversities of an unaccustomed trade to him.

Daniel’s network in the business world connected him to King Koil Singapore, where the enterprise supported and supplied mattresses for ValueLux Furnishing. This opportunity paved its way for more brands to work together with the business. To meet the demands of the increment of suppliers with ValuxLux Furnishing, the business has now expanded a second showroom branch at Serangoon Road, with the first 4000 square feet branch located at A’posh Bizhub.

The business owner also expressed his challenges compelled to adopt and adapt marketing in social media platforms especially in this digitalisation era. He believes that a business can only progress if it stays current and abreast of marketing and business trends. At 44, Daniel started learning how to create and optimise his channels to generate sales through captivating and enticing content for his target audience. He says, “The challenging part of using the digital platforms is to convince customers to buy my furniture without being able to touch or feel the product. I have learnt so much about engaging with my audience, and it’s rewarding when I can extend my business out of the showroom and continue to provide service virtually.

Dreams for Regional Expansion

Now, ValueLux Furnishing prides its service on being active and prompt on social media platforms. Daniel also places high value in the fortitude to be quick and responsive to customer enquiries.

The business is humbled by the trust of its loyal customer base who stand for their price, customised service, durable workmanship and punctual delivery, resulting in customer retention and referral over the years.

With 6 team members running the operations of the 2 branches, Daniel hopes to expand his team as he aspires to service customers through establishing 2 more branches in the East and West regions of Singapore. More importantly, he continually safeguards the livelihood and well-being of his current team, both in Singapore and the factory unit in Malaysia.

As Daniel reminisces the journey of ValueLux Furnishing since 2018, he affirmed the success of entrepreneurship to a positive mindset and discipline. “As a human, no matter young or old, to do all things you must have the responsibility to discipline yourself. Age is only a number, it is never too late to learn. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the positive mindset and mentality.”

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