VitaHealth: Singapore Consumer Choice Award & SME Excellence Business Award 2022/2023

VitaHealth is a subsidiary of Vita Life Sciences, a successful Australian-owned healthcare company which is listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It started as retail pharmacy in Singapore in 1947. Over the decades, VitaHealth has grown from strength to strength to become one of the leading healthcare establishments with a diverse range of dietary supplements sold throughout Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

The company has had many notable achievements, including receiving awards such as Superbrand awards, Unity Popular Choice awards, etc. At the forefront of innovation, it continually enhances its formulations to suit your modern lifestyle needs. It is always the first one to introduce categories of products, such as the turmeric and mental wellness series.

In the market, it is common for competitors to fight among themselves with pricing. However, VitaHealth does not rely on pricing to stand out among competitors. Instead, it bases its strengths on its formulations. This is because fighting with pricing will cause the company to compromise on the origins of the products, or the formulations of the products. VitaHealth wishes to stand out with the quality and efficacy of the products. For example, while other companies sell high dose lutein without any other combination, VitaHealth includes other ingredients which work synergistically to support better vision and absorption.

VitaHealth is available at all leading pharmacies and online via its flagship stores in Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10. By utilising innovative business processes, the company integrates digital technology into all key areas of the business to continually enhance its operation. It communicates with consumers via social media, animation, as well as videos via YouTube to provide a better source of knowledge. The company is investing in a mobile application to collect real-time market data. There is also an online health assessment where the consumers can identify the supplements that they need.

To retain its clients, the company focuses on two things. First, it focuses on the quality and efficacy of its products. It is implementing “Money Back Quality Guarantee” programme to build consumers’ trust. All products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, predominantly in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, to the highest standards of quality and integrity. Its stringent standards ensure pure and effective products that meet the regulatory standards across the different markets in the region. Ms Beh, the Country Head of Vita Life Sciences Malaysia and Singapore, claims that they do their best to maintain the quality that the consumers are buying from them. Second, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore has just launched a voluntary notification initiative, where they can list products for consumers to refer to and recommend. The company is also preparing for this.

VitaHealth manages the cost and pricing of the products effectively. For instance, there is a choice to have a single formulation, double strength, or triple strength, for fish oil. Single strength fish oil is expected to be affordable. Although the company’s products may not be the cheapest in town, it is also aware that it cannot overprice its products. The company follows the market in terms of its pricing. Unique formulations require a lot of research and testing, and it requires the company to raise awareness and demand while making it affordable and keeping it in a good pack size. The strategy that VitaHealth is to have two types. For instance, they have 2 types of turmeric products. Turmecare is made with patented turmeric and black pepper at higher price for people with chronic pain and inflammation, while Turmercumin is made with regular dose of turmeric powder at a more affordable price for occasional inflammation.

Ms Beh’s staffs attribute the success of the company to the fact that Ms Beh is patient, that she helps people transform into better staff, and that she is passionate to develop products improving both physical and mental wellness, elevating overall well-being and quality of health. Ms Beh herself claims to be passionate on sharing the right knowledge and values, being able to have innovative ideas to lead the trend in healthcare industry.

For Ms Beh, the secret to establishing a successful company is to come from every angle. The objectives are clear: To proactively anticipate and develop functional products that suit every consumer’s ever-evolving health needs. Its long-standing expertise and strong dedication in pursuit of excellence keep the team focused to push innovation forward. The team of health is working diligently to develop functional formulations that cater to your every health need – from physical health to mental wellness. Its product range cuts across the different life stages – children, teens, adults and the elderly. Engaging with the up-to-date research and development efforts, it is committed to developing functional products made with clinically validated ingredients to ensure utmost efficacy.

VitaHealth believes in being responsible socially and takes pride in giving back to the communities in which it operates. Before Covid-19, it participated in activities such as charity runs and fundraising. These activities will resume once the situation gets better.

The company has an intention to further expand on the realm of mental wellness. Currently, the company has products for mental wellness under CHARGE-UP®, such as SLEEP WELL for sleeping, SHARP3N for cognitive improvement, and ASHWAGANDHA+ for relaxation. It also has GUSTOCALM for heartburn, as a person’s emotions will affect their physical health, too. The company believes that women’s mental wellness is another area that they can further explore. A potential company product, Mood Booster, is still currently under testing. As Ms Beh is a people person, she cares about psychology, not just about profit. The company is also currently looking to develop products for youngsters. Students need mental well- being as well; the stiffness, back pain, and headaches, are often results of the pressure that they face, be it at school, from parents, or from daily activities.

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