With Love, Studio: Singapore Prestige 100 Award And Aspiring Woman Entrepreneurs Award 2023/2024


In the bustling world of beauty and design, Whitney Lim, the creative force behind With Love, Studio, has carved a niche that transcends traditional salon experiences. As we delve into her journey, the story unfolds not just as a business narrative, but as a testament to passion, perseverance, and the art of creating beauty with a personal touch.

Whitney’s journey began with a childhood passion for design. Fueled by a desire to offer unique, satisfying designs in a friendly and cozy environment, With Love, Studio was born two years ago. Whitney’s vision went beyond the commonplace; she sought a private sanctuary, a place where clients could unwind and relish beauty services in a relaxed ambience.

Founder of With Love, Studio, Ms Whitney Lim

Like any entrepreneurial venture, With Love, Studio faced its fair share of challenges initially. The absence of a significant market presence posed a hurdle, and the competitive industry demanded differentiation. Whitney turned to her support system—friends and family—for strength. The collaborative spirit, coupled with an open mind, allowed them to tackle challenges head-on. Whitney’s grandmother, a pillar of encouragement, played a pivotal role in fostering resilience.

With a devoted following, Whitney’s clientele flocks to With Love, Studio for the personalized touch she brings through specialized skills like meticulous shaping, setting monthly trends, and her discerning eye for complementing nail art. With a vision to be a wellspring of inspiration for her customers, Whitney takes pride in creating unique and personalized nail art designs that perfectly align with their preferences. Even for those unsure about their preferred design, Whitney is known for her ability to craft bespoke nail art that captures their individual style. Always at the forefront, she keeps a keen eye on the latest nail trends, ensuring that With Love, Studio remains a go-to destination for those seeking innovative and on-trend nail art experiences.

Whitney’s success is a testament to her unwavering diligence and sacrifice, propelled by a relentless work ethic and the unwavering support of friends, family, and satisfied clients. The responsibility she feels towards her team and customers drives her determination to continually evolve and stay relevant in the dynamic beauty industry. Witnessing the joy of satisfied clients, particularly when she crafts unique nail designs for their special occasions, provides Whitney with a profound sense of achievement, reinforcing her passion for delivering personalized and memorable experiences through her artistry at With Love, Studio.

What distinguishes With Love, Studio from competitors is their customer-centric approach. Unlike the hard-sell tactics of others, they prioritize client needs, offering flexibility with late-night slots and their unique jewelry line – With Love, Jewels. Whitney’s commitment to accommodating client requirements is a testament to the studio’s personalized service.

With Love, Studio values its clients through innovative propositions. The refer-a-friend promo, where both referrer and friend receive a discount, and a welcome offer for new clients are just a couple of ways they express gratitude for loyalty.

Whitney ensures that costing and pricing at With Love, Studio are handled judiciously, offering options that cater to both budget-conscious and discerning customers. The team structure, consisting of Junior and Senior Technicians, is designed to align with diverse budget considerations, providing a range of services suited to different financial preferences. The approach to managing staff performance is characterized by a soft touch, emphasizing continuous improvement and open communication. This unique management style fosters a work culture reminiscent of a tight-knit family at With Love, Studio, where collaboration thrives, contributing to a happy and comfortable environment for both the team and clients alike.

The brand’s name, “With Love,” carries profound significance. Beyond being Whitney’s initials, it embodies a philosophy that everything done at the studio is executed with love. It’s not just a salon; it’s a space where passion and warmth converge to create beauty that resonates.

As With Love, Studio continues to flourish, Whitney’s journey serves as an inspiring narrative— a tale of love, dedication, and the pursuit of beauty that goes beyond the surface, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who experience it.

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