Woodcraft Interior Design: Top 50 Interior Design Award 2022/2023

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Woodcraft Interior Design is a one-stop-shop for transforming your ideal space ideas into your dream home. Established in 2017, the company has since impressed many customers with its stylish and functional interior designs completed at affordable prices – Woodcraft’s in-house carpentry produces quality construction materials at lower costs, thus allowing the company to offer considerable savings to its clients. With a dedicated and experienced team of designers and project managers, you can be sure that Woodcraft will bring your dream home to life.

Vision Media speaks to founder Andy Wong to find out more about his company.

Woodcraft began life as a carpentry in Malaysia, providing its excellent construction materials to some of the top interior design (ID) firms in the country. After analysing the market, Andy and his business partner saw the potential of opening an ID firm in Singapore that would be supported by the carpentry business. Andy himself was also passionate about ID – his background was in IT, and design was something fresh and stimulating for him. And so, Woodcraft Interior Design was established and soon rallied a team of veteran designers to form the backbone of the company.

Founder of Woodcraft, Andy Wong

The fact that Woodcraft has its own carpentry proved to be a significant advantage. “90% of our competitors do not have an in-house carpentry,” notes Andy. “This is despite the fact that a large portion of the overall costs, which factors into the quotation we give our clients, are taken up by materials produced in a carpentry.”

Construction materials are produced in-house at Woodcraft, thus lowering costs and allowing the company to keep its prices competitive. Woodcraft is also able to control the quality of its produced materials and, since its carpentry has already been producing stellar materials for some top ID firms, ensure that all of its projects meet the high standards of construction that customers have come to expect from the company.

Woodcraft’s high standards are kept by some of the processes that Andy brought into the company from his time in the IT industry. “We started doing appraisals for all our designers to ensure that the quality of their work continues to be first-rate,” says Andy. “This is something unorthodox for ID firms – I think we are the first in the industry to do that.”

Furthermore, the company would often send their staff for training courses to upgrade their skills, such as the Renovation for Public Housing and Planning and Management of Home Renovation courses. This ensures that the strengths of his employees are bolstered and weaknesses are fixed, and ensures the overall quality of Woodcraft’s work remains exemplary.

Woodcraft runs in a highly efficient manner, allowing them to consistently meet construction deadlines, and this is thanks to their structured organisation. Departments, such as the accounting, management, and design teams have their roles properly delineated, which helps them go about their tasks in a coordinated and streamlined way.

Despite this segregation of roles, however, the company’s culture is that of a large family, with bonding events held every month to foster a unified spirit within the company. Even with the work-from-home arrangements necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Woodcraft would hold virtual events and deliver food to all the staff’s homes to enjoy as a company. Andy is particularly proud of the cohesion of his team and believes that it is a vital part of the success of his company.

When asked what motivates him and his company, Andy states that they are driven by the desire to satisfy their customers.

“What I want to see are happy customers,” Andy says. “Customers who are happy their dream home has been brought to life by us, and are would be proud to show their abodes to their friends and family.”

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